3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

Ideally, we all  want a vacation where we can actually be as lazy as we want, without concerning ourselves with work. The sad truth, however, it that not all of us are able to leave our work home and we are forced to take our work laptop and cell phones with us.

Well, if we have to work during our vacation, we may as well make it worth it. Here are 3 destinations that you can go to and actually rest while you are still working.

Lake Geneva

Switzerland is packed with breathtaking environments, and Lake Geneva is certainly one of those places. You can rent a boat and simply float on the lake as you are enjoying the view and doing your work.

The mountains in Geneva are also breathtaking and beautiful – but the internet signal tends to be rather bad around that area. If you do not necessarily require an internet connection, however, the mountains can actually become a sweet escape.

Bear in mind that the most relaxing and quiet destinations are pretty far away from the city – which is why you may want to go for a Geneva airport transfer. They are relatively, and usually more convenient compared to Geneva’s regular taxi companies.

Martha’s Vineyard

If you want to keep your holiday close to Boston, then Martha’s Vineyard should definitely make your list. Not only do you have a lot of tranquil beaches where you can relax on, but you also have countless restaurants and bustling shops where you can actually get your work done.

Bear in mind, however, that you may want to target the off-season time. When it’s holiday season, the vineyard tends to get pretty crowded – and it might be fairly difficult for you to get some work done. If there aren’t any summer crowds, however, it should be very easy for you to be productive.

Hermosa Beach

Beaches and working remotely have always worked hand in hand – and the Hermosa beach is certainly a place where you can rewind and also satisfy your inner workaholic. Located about half an hour away from Los Angeles, this place has launched a free-WiFi feature for the entire downtown area – so all you have to do is pick a nice park or café and do your work.

This destination allows you to swim, surf, relax, or play volleyball – never taking away the ability to pick up your phone or laptop just so that you can get your work done. It’s the perfect spot to relax and also be very productive. Not to mention that it is also fairly quiet – provided you go off-season.

We may want to leave out inner workaholic at home – but unfortunately, that is simply not always an option. We may have taken vacation time – but when duty calls, you need to be there and pick up the reigns. These destinations will provide you that inner peace while also allowing you to get some work done.


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