I always write in a gratitude journal everyday as much as possible. I must say I am more calm and well-balanced now. You heard it right . I am living the life of a calm and contented human being because of my travel adventures.


So today I am going to write something about a place where I have found the inner peace.

A couple of weeks back I really wanted to make my weekend very  special. So what I did was to pack my bag and go where ever I want without having any plans.I wish I could be rich because I really want to spend the rest of my weekends outside Manila. And  Later did I realize I have a good friend in San Pablo who could tour me around. ( that’s a brilliant idea) So I contacted him about my plan for the whole week . I even suggested to  explore the city of San Pablo. But our so-called San Pablo day tour was never materialized instead we decided to go somewhere else which is the Province Padre Burgos in Quezon .


I had a great time with old and new friends  partying and drinking at a bar in Quezon City. But I had to ditch them for this trip. Partying at night is not really my cup of tea.

All the way from Tomas Morato, I have caught an early morning bus  ride alone at 4am  at the Jac Bus terminal in Kamuning Q.C. terminal  to San Pablo City. Travel time to San Pablo took almost 2 hours .


I reached San Pablo City at around 6am . A friend of mine was there already on time waiting at the 7eleven convenience store. I was surprised to learn that he planned our trip to Padre Burgos . I did not argue with it. Quezon province anyway has a lot to offer. There are lots of white beaches waiting for us to explore , discover and revisit. So I had to settle my mind we are going to explore Padre Burgos beaches . It’s not really too far away from manila anyway. I can always go back whenever I want.


So from San Pablo to Padre Burgos , it took us 3 hours more or less to get there. My trip was fun and it’s really worth my time.

Borawan island welcomes you by the gate  of the Tamarind Tree resort ( popular resort in town) the other one is the Villa Anita. It was really hot at that time , but regardless of how heavy I was carrying .I did not mind at all because a paradise is going to welcome us there.


Borawan island is one of the islands in Padre Burgos , Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon . Locals said its a combination of Boracay island and Palawan Island . The great thing about this island is that it has the rock formation like the one in Palawan and white sand of Boracay and pristine waters of both Palawan and Boracay. These natural wonders can be seen in Coron, Elnido and Puerto Princesa in Palawan and Boracay island in Aklan.


I was able to haggle the tour package for P800.00 per head

Tour package is P800.00 including boat rentals to Borawan and Dampalitan Island. That does not include entrance fees for Borawan Island and Dampalitan island. There are also meals included breakfast, Lunch and dinner. We have tried to bargain the best of our ability for a lower tour package but perhaps that was the cheapest package they could offer us because it was a peak season. Please check my about page and email me for contact details. Don’t just leave your email addresses on the comment page. Leaving your email addresses for the world to see is not encouraged. I can give you the number of our caretaker who really took good care of us if you are interested.

Itchy feet? Here’s how to go to Borawan and Dampalitan beaches. Click the link to find out the directions to get to this Island.

Your weekend summer adventure can also be spent in a cheaper way . Get to know more about Burot beach in Calatagan Batangas and Dampalitan beaches in Quezon .


  • liza

    can you give me the number of the care taker?


      please contact Irma at 09186048601


  • ems

    Hi can you e-mail the number of the care taker.

    • ©|Chino

       please contact Irma at 09186048601

  • Agdangan Quezon

    My friends and I visited the 3 islands (Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin) and it is really beautiful. We asked someone to booked us and provide us food. He help us provide boat for hire which is too big for 10 of us, i think its 15-20 persons capacity. We shelled at around less than 900 per pax for our 2 days and 1 night stay. Better if you have contact dahil minsan ang ginagawa  kapag walang contact ang pina-pahire na boat eh maliliit so ang tendency kapag madami lets say 10 kayo ang ibibigay na boat eh ang capacity is only seven kaya no choice kayo kung hindi kumuha pa ng another boat kaya dalawa ang babayaran nyo. Much better kung makakuha kayo ng nag-aarrange like what we did, sini-serve nila yun food at the same time they guide as the whole second day as well as the boat is with us the whole so we feel very safe.

    here is our contact if you want some help 09178989750 or 09284484684. He is very cool, approachable and very accommodating.


      Thanks for sharing your contact 😀

  • Aida

    hi! really paradise..can i have the caretaker’s #?

  • joy e. mendoza

    can i get the name & contact # of the care taker..tnx pk send nalang email add q

  • Zkeian

    Hi can I get the number of the caretaker? thanks:)

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  • Lauriano Jantar Aure Jr

    saan po ba sakayan punta sa borawan island?tnx

    • ©|Chino

       If you will be coming from Manila , there is a Jac Bus Liner which has a daily trip to Lucena , it has wi-fi too just so you know. Now from the terminal , ride a bus to Unisan . Tell the driver to drop you off to Padre Burgos town proper. From Padre Burgos town proper, ride a tricycle  and tell the driver to drop you off to Vista Playa . Tell them you want to go to Borawan island and /or Dampalitan , they will take you there. There are boats for rent and the rate depends on your skills , number of people, and the season.  

      The travel time by the way from Manila takes approximately 3.5 hours …..

  • Honeyleth Mendoza

    pkisend nman po ng contact number pls…reply thank you!!!

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    hi can i have the number of the caretaker please? thanksmuch..:D

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    Pa-email naman po ng contact number. Thanks!

  • Miamine

    hi all ive been there… sooo peaceful… If you put in your bucket list to witness something majestic??? Go there… just text i am very much willing to help 0921-4487777

  • Gie Madriaga

    hi we are planning to visit Borawan and Dampalitan this weekend can you email me the number of your contact person (boat and caretaker) also if you can recomment us a resort/hotel where we can stay for overnight. here’s my email . Thanks 😀

  • Winnie

    pede po pa send nung contact number ng manong bangkero at caretaker dun sa BORAWAN ISLAND  gusto namin pumunta dis april (

  • Bry

    Hi can i get the contact person’s name and number for the borawan trip?  can you email it at    .. thanks much

  • Jka Florendo

    i’ve been to Borawan din..super ganda! check my blog:

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       Hello! can i have the number of your contact person to borowan? Thanks.. please email to

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    Hi! Can you also email me the number of the caretaker Might go there on Holy Week. Thanks in advance! :-)

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    hi, please send me contact number of the caretaker in borawan. 

    thank you!

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    hi pls send me contact number of the caretaker in borawan thank u

  • ©|Chino

    Guys please contact me directly  .. Don’t post your email here. Posting your e-mail address and mobile number for the world to see? It is not a good idea.

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      gudpm.. plz can you send me a name of caretaker and contact no. in BORWAN.. thanz and GODBLESS.
      send to my email

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  • Pheobe040887

    hi can you pls. e-mail me the contact number?its
    thank you n god bless….

    •| Chinchan

      emailed you the contact details

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    Partying/ bar-hopping isn't my cup of tea either except during special occasions or when meeting long lost friends. I'd rather save up and spend it on a weekend getaways. It's more fun, fulfilling and memorable for me :)

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