In the Philippine history , fiesta or festival is celebrated all year round. What i will feature today is a colorful feast being celebrated in Lucban,Quezon every 15th of May honoring  San Isidro Labrador which is well known as Pahiyas festival . It is a farmers thanksgiving for a bountiful  harvest  with a grand decoration and display of houses full of  colorful rice wafers, fruits and vegetables …

 The sun was out in its perfect version of a bright day. And It was a day begging for a walk. =)  And its also a special day for all of us since it was our  first time to witness the glamorous event . The house full of decorations are indeed glamorous. Colorful Kipings  were twinkling in windows of all houses there… so beautiful . Anyway,  the highlight of the festival is a procession along the streets and  I guess they were almost everywhere…The town was filled with crowd taking pictures. A couple of blogger friends were there. I also enjoyed the pansit habhab and kiping. It’s a free-for-all, grab-all-you-can affair with suman-sweet, sticky native rice cakes-as the center of contention.Rest assured, whether you get handfuls or just a mere mouthful, the Mayohan sa Tayabas will leave you wanting for more – suman, of course! You should try it when you visit Quezon.

famous kiping


As i previously mentioned, each house has to outdo  each other  in decorations since it is a competition for their creativity. And after the event, and the awards  are given  to the owners of winning house, the decorations  will be thrown away to the huge flock  of people as freebies … ( best things in life are free=) ) … For the other houses, those kipings ( rice wafers shaped as leaves) , that were used  as decorations are cooked  and eaten as rice chips. The event  has been a source of excitement for us…

kamay ni hesus healing center

love the mountain view

Our roadtrip wouldnt be complete without visiting the famous Kamay ni Hesus healing center and the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan restaurant which i will feature later on  … Its definitely worth the trip…It seems the beautiful day has touched everyone around there including myself =)….

  Lucban. Approximately 160 km from Metro Manila via Lucena City or 133 kilometers from Metro Manila via the Sta Cruz-Pagsanjan route in Laguna.