The social media is around to stay and will considerably be the toughest change in our daily lives. And it’s even revolutionizing how we get in touch, converse, exchange products and services and also receive more career and advertising opportunities for almost everyone (business owners and social media influencers).

Admittedly, the real deal with social media comes from those who share within their network. That includes photo sharing, tweeting, blog followers, readers, subscribers and others that can be tagged in one category.

As social media continues to evolve, the advertising strategy becomes fully trending so marketers use the power of internet connectivity with their sales pitches to attract wide audiences.

Last November 16, 2013, I was one of the hundreds of participants who joined the #blogapalooza event 2013. It’s a yearly event where social media influencers and small business owners meet and have something very cool to share to the online community showcasing some of the newest products or brand to hundreds of influential bloggers and social media influencers.


I was lucky enough to meet some of the people behind #blogapalooza event organizers including several brands introducing their products and services to the online community. Bloggers and local media partners gathered around for a small talks about blogging and brand awareness.


Informative discussions from Bogart the Explorer and his partner Jako De Leon together with Mikey Bustos was one of the highlights of the event. They talked about the power of Vlogging or video blogging and how you can stand out and build a good reputation online. On the other hand stand up comedians Tim Tayag, Marlon Olivan and Derf Hebrado of Comedy Cartel got the most attention because of their funny anecdotes. Thanks guys for taking care of the programs entertainment portion.


Other blog related discussions were presented by Philip Abadicio of Philip the Lifestyle Guy who discussed about the importance of bloggers to the media, Jason Cruz of MRM Worldwide on Blogging and Branding, Radio DJ Karen Bordador on Radio and Blogging, Ana Santos of Writer’s Block Philippines shared tips on how an individual can monetize and earn through their blogs and to complete the day, Boy’s Night Out’s Sam Y G, Slick Rick and Tony Toni were also around to talk about podcasting.

Some of the brands I met at the recent #Blogapalooza event:



I truly enjoyed the #blogapalooza event! The event was able to raise Php P82,000.00 for t#Yolandaph victims  and donated to World Vision which was made possible through The Piggy Bank Movement!

Regardless of how you any social media platforms, we can not deny the power it gives. Our daily lives, our bills, how we interact and communicate, how we work, how we learn things will certainly continue to evolve with social media.

See you again folks at the next BLOGAPALOOZA!

Photo credits: Yaj Abellera