Filipinos are certified food lovers. Whether its breakfast, lunch and dinner, Filipinos love to eat snacks at midmorning including merienda in the afternoon. In the Philippines, street food is known among the Filipinos. And the variety of snacks for those adventurous eaters. Feel and enjoy the gastronomic delights you will encounter.

There are over more than a hundred various ethnic groups in the Philippines with a very unique cuisine that anyone can truly enjoy. When chinese came to the Philippine , they introduced  noodles and taught Filipino Chinese food such as Pansit or noodles , lumpia , vegetables rolled in edible wrappers.  When spanish colonizers came to the Philippines, they introduced a diverse  flavor and ingredients . Among those foods are Paella which is a combination of different spices and ingredients such as pork , chicken, sausages  , sea foods and a lot more. In addition other global influences like italian ,french , middle eastern, japanese  and Thai became part of Filipino foods.


filipino foodOh my Gulay in Baguio

filipino foodCasa Verde in Cebu

filipino foodBacolod Calea 


Binungay Bolinao