Free HUGS in the City of Smiles


Brace yourselves people as Free Hug will soon be hitting the streets of Bacolod City once again. I bet you like a cuddle. This is the moment you have been waiting for.

Free HUGS in the City of Smiles
Thanks to Juan Mann from Sydney, Australia who started the Free Hugs movement about five years ago and later introduced in the Philippines during Masskara Festival in the City of Smiles through Dave Albao {POC – Bacolod Hugathon 2009}. This is  social movement which involves a certain individual who offer hugs to strangers in public places that is simply aiming to show kindness to a stranger in order to make them feel better and to spread fun, friendly environment and to spread the entire message of peace, humility and respect.

Free HUGS in the City of Smiles

This maybe a little intriguing or maybe a bit of an embarrassment for the others but look at things in a positive perspective. Just try to picture the idea of getting hold of people’s imagination across the world and made them feel better. Imagine yourself spreading free love with the best and friendliest intentions?

Set aside your personal crisis. Go out and visit Bacolod City this coming Masskara Festival. Thus, I encourage you to hit the street of Lacson in Bacolod City during the Electric Masskara Festival. Hugs from hundreds of people from different walks of life will gather around carrying plac cards with various phrases such as “Penge Hug”, “libreng Hug”, “Free hugs” and a lot more. And mind you, they are all up for grabs!

Free HUGS in the City of Smiles

Meanwhile, Juan Mann was invited by Oprah Winfrey to talk about what he does on international television, and the “Free Hugs” campaign quickly spread in many countries like Taiwan, England, Israel, Switzerland, France, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and all major cities in the world – even in places where hugging (and gathering in public) might have legal implications – like an Arab state, Jordan, and the communist China, and later to the Philippines.

As I am blogging here, I am currently visualizing about how many people I can hug out there. But it does not matter I guess. But I now realized the concept and the idea of this movement. Free hugs are simply powerful tool to spread love. Just a gentle reminder for everyone that we are all connected to each other. This campaign has always meant to be deeper and bigger than just Juan Mann.

We maybe sitting down and thinking about losing ourselves to someone, tragedies, crisis and broken relationships that may have shattered our world, war, crime and the most recent issues about Cyber crime act that is against our freedom of Speech and so much more. Sometimes we worry and think too much that we can no longer handle the situation. Just try to relax and think about the hug you are about to receive. I just want you to be reminded that our world still has a large amount of good people in it which I believe should not be forgotten.

Check out Free HUGS in the City of Smiles Facebook Community page for more information.