Malatap Falls



I can still remember my very first attempt of toploading on  a public jeepney in Camarines Norte. The feeling was incredible and I personally believe you also felt the same thing. After exploring the city of Daet and Paracale, We decided to take a trip to Labo , Camarines Norte.


According to history , the town of Labo got its name due to miscommunication. It was called “Busig-Onn before . A long time ago when Spaniards came to the area and asked about its name. The people in town thought they were asking how the water was and they simply answered “Labo” Malabo po ang tubig. Make sense? So that’s when people started calling the town Labo.

The town of Labo is the first class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte. It’s roughly 335 kilometers south of Manila and just 15 kilometers away from Daet.


Ang Labo! But I guess , what was so clear about our trip is the beauty of Malatap Falls. The jeepney seemed to be speeding up a little bit which I find it a little scary. It suddenly stopped and I found out that we were on our final destination. It was a few distance away from the main road and I started hearing the sound of music. The sound of music coming from the running water accompanied by whispering splashes.


It slowly revealed its beauty , a low-rise waterfall which is filled with a distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround us. It was an incredible aura which you can picture happiness and excitement.

I was amazed with the natural swimming pool for kids in the town. I would never get tired of climbing up. The place was truly a breath of fresh air. The upper portion of Malatap Falls is surrounded by lush vegetation which gave me an impression that a supernatural being will suddenly show up .Lol. I was honestly waiting for them to appear like the ones I saw at the Ditumabo Falls. But anyhow, I took the opportunity to play with my camera and practiced long exposures.  I love and appreciate waterfalls so regardless of how small or big waterfalls are I will be more than glad to take a picture of it.


I wanted to swim and with the strong running water Malatap Falls but due to time constraints we had to leave early because we need to be at the bus terminal before dark. Time was really short so some of us put our bare feet on the water . Yes at least we tried to feel it on our feet. I felt the strong current of the water and I like it . It was very relaxing.


Just when our trip seemed to be unfolding smoothly , we had to leave our natural spa experience . We packed up and went back on the road. Ready to go home.

For now this is my story. I may not know anything about Camarines Norte but I think visiting one of the beautiful attractions there will definitely give you an idea what a wonderful places we have in the country.


Malatap Falls is just one of the attractions in Camarines Norte.

Here are some of the things you might want to visit when you get to Camarines Norte. I have not been to these places but I will soon take time to meet them in the future.

Saltahan Falls located in barangay Awitan
Palanas Falls in barangay Pag-asa
Maligaya Falls in Barangay submakin
Binuan Falls in Barangay Daguit
Burok-Busok Falls in Barangay Silang II
Turayog Falls in Barangay Fundado

Kevin, Ivan, Elal and Chino. Photo courtesy of Ropelson Rabino

Photo courtesy of Paula of

How to get to Malatap Falls
Hop on the bus: From Manila, take the bus to Daet.
Philtranco and Superlines buses have daily trips to Daet.
8-9 hours, 560pesos
From Daet, take a public van or jeepney to Labo

Cebupacific, Air Philippines Express , Zest Air and Philippine Airlines

From Manila, there are regular flights to Naga
From Naga, take the 90 minute bus or van ride to Daet, Camarines Norte
From Daet, take a public van or jeepney to Labo

Contact the Provincial Tourism Office of Daet, call (054)721-3087 for further info about accommodation rates and availability.

It’s really more fun in the Philippines.