Here’s great news for fellow travelers!, a company operated by Triplestar Travel and Tours, has finally launched the newest innovation offering flight reservation assistance to passengers. In addition to cheap flights through website, travelers can now easily connect with through their social media accounts. Now that is easy and convenient to connect making your travel plans attainable and affordable.

One can now easily compare flights with through simple ways:

WEBCALL BUTTON– is a free webcall service on

HOTLINE – Just call +63 (2) 8490100


Wait there is more! A courteous and accommodating travel specialists are more than willing to help plan that perfect getaway with your family, loved ones on your special holiday. No credit card required? Need not to worry, you don’t need one to book or pay for your airline tickets! One can now have several payment options to choose from., through Triplestar Travel and Tours, Inc, has 11 ticketing offices, which are strategically located nationwide: Manila Domestic Airport, Makati City, Quezon City, Tacloban City, Cebu City, Mactan International Airport, Puerto Princesa City, Davao City, Davao International Airport, Bacolod City and SM Clark.


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