Definition of INFLUENTIAL

: exerting or possessing influence
They say, influential blogger has the most number of subscribers? They say , they have  the most number of followers on twitter? They say, they have the most number of fans of their Facebook page? Or They have  the most number of comments?
But in my own perspective, influential blogger is someone who can really inspire other people. Someone who can really help you move forward to reach your goals and pursue what you really want in life.
A real influential blogger is very kind, humble , friendly. Pero meron din namang hindi – in other words , not all. LOL.  He writes with so much passion. And can really build connection with his readers. 
And that really makes a good blog. You influence and inspire people.  





Blogging simply gives us a wonderful and colorful world of what’s happening around. And sometimes can be really influential. There are so many blogs around that gives us helpful insights , some are very controversial. Keen on getting the hottest angles of what is about to happen.
Blogging is fun. 


Congratulations to the people who made it to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for the year 2011.
Thanks to all who inspire me and the rest of the blogging community.
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