Blogroll: Travel and Non Travel

There are many blogs around the world for us to read but I prefer  photo-based [travel] blogs that has a personal touch. These are the blogs and websites that I can connect to but nevertheless I am always looking up to those web owners that provide enough information and helpful itineraries. Here you can find the cream of the crop lined up and in alphabetical orders.

If you want to find cheap flights or cheap holiday destinations in the Philippines and the rest of the world, feel free to check the following websites and blogs of my friends and favorite travel bloggers!





Juanderfulpinoy -Wanderlust On The Road

Adaphobic – Adaphobic Travels & Photography

Adventurous Feet – Travel On The Go

AJ Poliquit – The TranscendentalTourist & Reflections On The Road

Ambot Ah – Off Beat Adventures in The Philippines And Around Asia

Balintataw – Taking You Places Through Photography

Backpackboss – Find the best travel backpack

BrownmanTrips– Seeing life on different light

Chyng Reyes – No Spam No Virus No Kiddin

Dream Holidays Guide – Amazing Destinations Around the World

Eazy Traveler – People Places Perspectives

Elal Jane Lasola – The Shades Of Grey

Enjayneer – Jaytography PHL

Escape Islands – Dong Ho Eskapo

Escape Manila – PHL 50 Around The Philippines In 50 Days

Flip Travels – Conquering The World One Payslip At A Time

Gala Pinoy – Go Travel With The Philippines

Going Places– Travel Places Experiences Discovery

Happy Philippines – Travel Culture And Lifestyle

Inside South East Asia – Travel Guide in South East Asia

Intsik Boy – Travel Blog Of Proud Pangasinense

Ivan Lakwatsero – Batang Lakwatsero

I Wander -Handy Travel Tips, Unusual Destinations And More

Just Wandering – Nina Fuentes Just Wandering

Kirkanatomy – Philippine Anatomy & Beyond



Lakad Pilipinas -Philippine Travel Blog by Christian Lucas Sangoyo

Lakwatsero – Run Bike Dive Swim Love Blog

Lawstude – Oman Is An Island

Libotero – Philippine Travel Photo Blog

Looney Planet – RV Escatron

Marxtermind – Travel Plus Adventures

Miss BackPacker – Where Have You Been Lately

Pasahera – Let’s Travel Light

Peculiar Hours – Mr. Cloud Guy

Philippine Travelogue – The Philippine Travelogue

Pinay Travelista – Travel Stories & Coffee Moments

Pinay Travel Junkie – The Confessions of Pinay Travel Junkie

PusangKalye – Pusang Kalye

RJDExplorer – I wander. I experience. I kwento

Roaming Couple– Roaming Couple

Roman Leo Rey Man – Dialogue With A Wanderer

Senyor Lakwatsero – Senyor Lakwatsero Blog

Senyorita – Travelogue of Twenty Something Filipina

Solo Flight Ed – SoloFlight By Ed Suyo – Surfing Capital Of The Philippines

The Cubicle Renegade – Escape Travel Experience

The Pinay Solo Backpacker – Philippine Travel And Adventure Blog

The Poor Traveler – MisAdventures No Missed Adventures

The Travelling Dork – Robbie Bautista

The Travelling Feet – The Travelling Feet

The Travelling Nomad – The Geek Travels

The Wandering Juan – The Wanderer

Tracking Treasure – Tracking Treasure Personal Travel Blog

Tramping Philippines – Tramping Philippines By Dane Policarpio

Travelling Up – Travel Up By Kara Santos

Wandering Dylan – We Love To Travel


Bali Survival Guide – A very helpful resource on how to have a fun, safe & enjoyable holiday in Bali.