I only heard about them when they received two major awards at the Europe international folksong festival.Since then , I became their fan..=) The success of the Loboc children’s choir in europe made it the phenomenal event for boholanos and the entire filipino community …

The Choir is a ‘cultural treasure’ of the province of Bohol, and as such, the group often sings for visiting dignitaries, and local and foreign tourists. Its concert repertorire is a combination of classical, folk, modern and children’s songs..

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here is another video i took when i visited bohol last year , sorry the quality may not be good compared to original video because i had to resize the file ..

video of balsa entertainers. Singing traditional and popular songs for the Tourists and Travelers.
while feasting for food which is really a great experience, expect you will see the famous balsa entertainers. Thats actually the best part of our bohol tour…