Marinduque Tourist Spots: Attractions that will make you want to visit the heart of the Philippines

If you are not sure where to head off for a memorable vacation, why not try Marinduque? You probably never heard of the name but we can assure you that this can prove to be one of the best holiday destination options you ever considered.

The Moriones Festival is a folk-religious event held annually during Holy Week in Marinduque.

Marinduque is a Philippine island province. It is in the southwestern region of Tagalog, right in between Tayabas Bay and the Sibuyan Sea. Marinduque is commonly referred to as the Heart of the Philippines because of its location, as well as its shape. In fact this island is right in the geographical center of the archipelago. There is a historic stone marker, the Luzon Datum of 1911, which serves as a main geodetic reference for maps and surveys.

Visit Marinduque’s Luzon Datum, the geographical center of the country.

Marinduque is renowned for its peacefulness as well as its natural beauty. It is also most known for an annual festival held during the Holy Week. This is the Moriones Festival, which combines religion with folklore. If you were to visit Marinduque at this time of year you will surely enjoy seeing the people wearing costumes replicating attire worn by biblical characters, and mostly of the Roman soldiers.

Maniwaya Sta. Cruz Marinduque Villa atilana | Angelo The Explorer

Marinduque is a favorite spot for visitors and tourists at this time of year. However, it is also a perfect location for a vacation all year round, especially if you want to visit a safe and beautiful place. In fact Marinduque is a serene place, which would be an ideal location for those who love nature.

As we travel, we discover new beautiful places that we never thought exists. | Maniwaya Island

The beaches and the various islets are so beautiful, and would no doubt mesmerize anyone. This makes Marinduque a very good location for honeymooners and couples. The beaches are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind. You will not be visiting noisy and crowded beaches here, but rather, you will be able to bathe or sunbathe in peace, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You will no doubt love to take long walks across the soft white sand, while looking at the crystal clear sea. Poctoy White beach is a popular beach, from where you will also be able to view Mt. Malindig.

Marinduque’s Poctoy white beach is an ideal spot for your favorite water sports.

The beaches are ideal for swimming as well as for other water sports such as kayaking and snorkelling. You will be able to avail of budget friendly accommodations in one of the resorts or else opt for a tent, especially if you would like to camp out.

However nature in Marinduque is not only about the beaches. There are also the Malbog sulfuric springs to see, and even a butterfly farm. You will no doubt be able to enjoy picturesque views of the Bella Rocca and the Tres Reyes Islands. If you are more adventurous you should also devote time to go for a hike up Mt. Malindig where you would be able to reach the highest point of the island, or go island hopping or caving too!

Marinduque prides itself of a circumferential road that is fully paved. You can thus avail of a unique sightseeing tour across more than 150km either by motorcycle or bicycle. It is a perfect option for those who really want to enjoy a memorable sightseeing tour.

The beautiful interior of Gasan Church, Marinduque.

There are also some heritage sites worth checking out too while you are visiting Marinduque. The Boac Cathedral is a popular spot. There is also the Gasan Church which is known for its beautiful interior with unique fan carvings and beams made from crafted coconut shells. Another place worth visiting is the Biglang Awa Shrine. There are many souvenir shops to check out too, and you will surely be able to find some beautiful mementos to take with you since there are many handmade items and souvenirs made by talented local artisans for sale in these shops and stores.

The Bagumbungan Cave, also called “San Isidro Cave,” is open to experienced cave explorers and guided educational tours.

Also, Marinduque is a great tourist spot when it comes to the cuisine. For those who love seafood there is plenty to enjoy in Marinduque. Fish, shrimps, baby lobsters and the famous manakla, are sure to make your mouth water. There are also plenty of local delicacies to try out such as the panganan, the arrowroot cookies and the bibingkang Boac.

Great place , Great Food, Great Friends. | Poctoy beach

So, if you really want a vacation that will allow you to relax and unwind, Marinduque is a perfect tourist spot. It is indeed as if you were to spend a few days in a place that feels like heaven on earth. So tranquil and peaceful, naturally beautiful, and also historic, Marinduque offers value for money and makes for a memorable holiday destination for anyone!

A great hotel with state-of-the-art facilities in Marinduque | Balar Hotel Boac. | Angelo The Explorer

Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Marinduque three times a week departing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Find and book a flight ticket for route Manila – Marinduque today. Special shout out to the Department of Tourism MIMAROPA and Dream Favor Travel & Tours.

Marinduque Suggested Itinerary


Butterfly farm, experience live encounter with butterflies

St Joseph Church in Gasan

Freedom Park View of Tres Reyes islands

Visit Sulfur Spring

View of Mt. Malindig

View of Bellaroca

View along Yook

Visit Poctoy white beach | lunch at the beach

Loom weaving/ handicraft

Visit Sta Cruz church

Visit the original arrowroot cookies maker

Proceed to Mogpog and reach the heart of the Philippines

LUZONDATUMOF1911 sunset view

Back to Boac Town dinner at Mamita’s Cafe

Check in at Balar Hotel


Breakfast at the hotel

Proceed to Bagumbungan cave | start caving adventure

Proceed to Buyabod port | overnight stay in the island | Villa Atilana



Boat ride to Palad sandbar, Ungab rock formation

Lunch at Maniwaya island

Boat ride back to Boac

Visit the Cathedral

Visit Biglang Awa Shrine

Visit the church museum

Visit heritage houses


Breakfast Balar Hotel

Flight back to Manila

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