I have to admit that aside from the small community of houses in the middle of the amphitheater, trekking, dipping at the Tappiyah Falls and coloring your teeth with Moma, there’s another activity you will certainly love about Batad. The vast darkness of a forest night offers everyone the opportunity to gaze at the stars. Appreciate the many wonders of the night skies in your naked eye. Just find the super stars in Batad.

Last Saturday night  when I was in Batad with Elal I tried to take a picture of the stars in the sky and finally have taken a few good shots which I am bragging about in this blog. The feeling is extremely different to capture the Milky Way for the very first time. It was really incredible. I really don’t understand but when I was a little kid , I have always been  amazed with its natural beauty. It looks so beautiful and fascinating to me.


Back when I was a child, before I go to bed , I make sure I get to see the sky and look as if there are stars around. I always want to see the stars and the moon outside of my window. If the moon shows up, I would stare at it for a few minutes or even hours . Then I would imagine myself  looking at those dark blue clouds wrapped in a gorgeous halo. whoa , it’s really beautiful. Then my night becomes nostalgic. When I look at the sky, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia.


It feels so good to watch the constellations, the Milky Way, stars, planets and other heavenly bodies in the night. Until now, the feeling of craziness is still there whenever I look at the sky filled with the shining stars. I always love to take a glimpse and look up at the spectacular sight played out in the vast sea of darkness. And I guess I’ll never grow tired doing it wherever I am at. It’s always following me. On a bus going back home, it was always following me. It’s always there guiding me wherever I go. I see stars as people, we are all up there shining brightly.


Friends are like stars, they take you to the places that you can’t even imagine. They take you on a journey with a sense of adventure which allows you to appreciate that life is beautiful. They brighten up your day and you know they will be with you for the rest of your life.

How to get to Batad:

One must hop on Ohayami buses near the UST campus along Lacson Street departing from Manila to Banaue at 9p.m. and 10p.m. on a daily basis. From Batad, one can ride a jeepney to Junction and another jeepney to the saddle. From the saddle, take a two-hour trek to the Batad village.