Admittedly, Sagada is the most popular destination which is the toughest to get to. Most of the places in the Philippines would require an individual to ride a plane in addition to a short boat ride but others would require to travel for more than 12-13 straight hours.


And this is the reason why my favorite destination in the country is Sagada. Getting to Sagada province ultimately feels like traveling outside of the country.

Getting to Pongas falls is about 45 minutes trek and you’ll be surprised with marvelous and clear water falls. Unfortunately, the slideshow of images that you can see above are the set of images left when my sd card memory and other files were deleted all of a sudden.

Pongas falls is way smaller compared to Bomod-ok falls.  One can certainly enjoy it the same way I did when I was trekking  through slough, bog, and swamp areas that can be challenging but thrilling at the same time.

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