batad rice terraces

In the cultural landscape category of the World Heritage List, The rice terraces of the Cordilleras inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995. These spectacular landscapes are the only monuments in the Philippines that obviously survived and show no proof of having been dominated by colonial cultures. This would attest to the difficult rough terrain, the tribes in Cordillera are among the few people of the Philippines who have successfully resisted any foreign control and have preserved their civilization and culture.


This inscription has five sites: The Batad Rice Terraces, Bangaan Rice, TerracesMayoyao, Rice Terraces, Hungduan Rice Terraces and Nagacadan Rice Terraces. These sites are all in the Ifugao Province, the Philippines. The rice terraces of the village of Batad perfectly in sync in its natural beauty is one of the best holiday destinations to visit in the Philippines. The rice terraces boasts a so called “amphitheater” terraces that change in shades from lush green to golden yellow during the harvest seasons, the village of Batad is no doubt one of the most attractive places that you can see in the country.


People from different walks of life have been looking up to the artistry of the Ifugaos in making the integrated irrigation flowing along the terraces. While climate change and natural disasters have damaged a part of the terraces, it still is a drawing a big crowd for the tourism. Even today, the Batad rice terraces are a self-sustaining eco-system, dramatically in shape like it was a thousand years ago. I am so impressed with the rice farmers who built the terraces  by hand 2,000 years ago because they had to know about eco-system and preserving their village long before those incredible idea had names. Obviously, without the hard work of maintaining the bricks including the ancient irrigation system, the top soil would have washed down the hillsides into the rivers.