Through the years , I have always been fascinated with the Strawberry farm. I would say I love the whole experience . The idea of  harvesting  a real strawberry is priceless.  So again never miss the opportunity to pick those fresh strawberries. A whole new and unique experience for you and your family , get to pick those fresh strawberries with the strawberry farmers. Please remember that the experience is totally worth it .  I also  discovered that strawberry plant is not a bush or a tree to climb.


It was a hot afternoon when a group of travelers including myself decided to roam around the famous strawberry fields of La Trinidad in Benguet.  Aside from the famous and recommended strawberry taho in La trinidad, Benguet, which I tried a couple of times. I got so addicted with the strawberry wine too when I first tasted it. I can still vividly remember I tried a couple of more shots inside the van before heading back to Azalea Hotel.

I am not in the authority to judge what’s the best strawberry wine in the country but I think La Trinidad can also make a difference in the international market as one of the best in the world. All of us agreed to try the strawberry wine. To me, the strawberry wine in the area will soon be a hot item in the world of Winery. My very first impression when I sipped a strawberry wine on a small plastic cup was flat or perhaps one-dimensional at first. But when I tried it again, I thought I was having the  Sonoma Winery experience. I can’t deny that it was too light, fairly sweet and the aroma was very distinct. So regardless of who the manufacturer was or who really made it, strawberry wines of La Trinidad will certainly attract thousands of visitors and investors. I am so delighted to have finally tried it that I am sharing with you my very first strawberry wine tasting experience.


I personally believe that this product, despite of being considered “sinful” is something we can be proud of as Filipinos. Strawberry wines of La Trinidad can be used for preparing and blending it with healthy drinks such as milk or coffee. Just a right promotion , right packaging , this would create a new door to the international market which will hopefully help decrease the unemployment rate concerns in the Philippines.

If you have plans to visit the city of Pines, make sure you visit the nearby town and  try the authentic strawberry wine of La Trinidad, Benguet.

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Valley, Benguet is less than 10km from the center of Baguio City. If you are taking a public transportation one must ride a public jeepney to La Trinidad . Advise the driver you are getting of at the strawberry farm.

If you have a car, from the Session Road, one must turn right to the Magsaysay Road then turn left at the stop light (on your right side will be the Baguio Center Mall). Go straight and you will pass by a vehicle flyover and you will see the Welcome Arch of La Trinidad.

More Baguio posts will come your way shortly.