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Getting tired of a congested, bustling urban life? Go pack your bags, book a ticket, and take a momentary reprieve from the daily grind. Bulacan is the ideal place to live, unwind and reboot yourself, here’s why:

It’s an hour away from the metro – indeed Bulacan is the nearest province north of Metro
Manila. It’s literally just a bus away from Makati, BGC, or Taft and a couple of minutes from Quezon city. Bus stations in Cubao will more or less bring you anywhere in Bulacan. A one-way trip will cost you Php 100 – 200. So, if you are feeling the need to start anew, reboot yourself, and marvel at a large expanse of greeneries then Bulacan is the right place to be!

Modern lifestyle meets rustic setting – as part of the Philippine government’s grand plan to bring prosperity outside metro manila, Bulacan is one of the first provinces to benefit from this. Several infrastructure projects were built and are underway which makes Bulacan one of the most go-to tourist destinations and a good place to get in touch with mother nature without losing the comforts of modern life.

What’s more, numerous food parks flourished through time, giving space for families and barkadas to hang out. Some of which are Endearing Tea & Coffee which is hailed as the Maginhawa of Bulacan, Fortune Seafood restaurant which serves authentic Chinese food, and Papa Joe’s Luau Restaurant which is a fusion of Filipino and Hawaiian Cuisine.

Stopover at Barasoain Church in Malolos

Stopover at Barasoain Church in Malolos

Majors malls and businesses are already there – you will never run out of style! While Bulacan is a province, but the presence of major malls throughout the years enabled people to not get behind of what’s in and enjoy both the provincial and urban life. For instance, SM has three branches here, while Robinsons and Waltermart have one apiece. Other malls include Graceland, Maunlad Mall, and AGL Mall to name a few. To add to this, the continuous rise of the provincial economy makes Bulacan a good place to land a job, start a life, venture to business, and settle down.

MRT-7 is months away from being operational – mobility is no longer an issue. The completion of the 22-kilometer railway system connecting EDSA North Avenue to San Jose Del Monte will make Bulacan accessible, more open, and the place to live! Servicing 14 stations scattered across two major cities: Caloocan and Quezon city, the project aims to help decongest Metro Manila and bring development to the province. The project is expected to be finished by 2019, which is months away.

International airports are near – the Clark international airport is just an hour away from Bulacan. If you plan to travel locally or internationally, Bulacan gives enormous access to you to different cities here and abroad. And the Philippine government plans to build a major international airport in Bulacan to replace NAIA. Though concrete plans are yet to be unraveled, steps are taken to make this a possibility. Should this happen, Bulacan is no longer just a minor province but a melting pot of different cultures and people.

For the thrill seeker – though not popularly known, Bulacan boasts a number of natural attractions. One of which is the Vervidia Falls in Barangay Talbak, Dona Remedios Trinidad where you can cliff dive, ride bamboo rafts, and swim under the sun while covered by trees. Another one is Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon which is a suitable place to trek and get a good view of Mt. Arayat, Madlum river, and the Sierra Madre range. If you are an adventure seeker, one of the must-tries is the Pinagrealan Cave which is an infamous underground hideout of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. You would have to go through waist-deep waters and dive into the inner chambers of the cave.

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A historic province – For history-savvies, Bulacan is rich in history. It served as a strategic hideout for the Katipuneros in fighting against the Spaniards. Some must go place include, the Guiginto Old Train Station where six friars were ambushed by Guerillas during the Spanish occupation. Another one is the Saint John Of God Parish Church where the historic duel between Filipino revolutionaries led by Gen Matanglawin and Spanish Army took place, where 800 Filipino died. It was believed that the bloodshed reached ankle-deep. The church as well is believed to be a huge inspiration to Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. Underground and secret tunnels used by Katipuneros are still existing up to the present time, though some were already blocked.

Whether you are looking to buy a house or take a respite from the drudgery and hustle of urban life, quit planning, just grab your bag and go to Bulacan.