10 Most Popular Things To Do in the Philippines For Tourists

The image of the Philippines is that of an exotic scattering of islands with a wealth of natural beauty. The Philippines also has a fascinating history and a warm and varied culture that draws tourists on flights to Manila from all over the world.  Though you can find many things to do in the Philippines, these are the top ten attractions that visitors enjoy the most.

1. Boracay 

Boracay is an island an hour’s flight from Manila where white-powder beaches offer visitors a relaxing beach experience. Boracay also offers a spa resort in a jungle retreat and delicious meals served in grand style. Visitors can dive off White Beach or tour the nearby islands.

2. Mayon Volcano

This cone-shaped volcano in Luzon threatened to erupt in 2009, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of nearby residents. The Mayon volcano can be seen for miles around, with its perfect conical shape. Visitors can also view the Cagsawa ruins nearby.


3. Biak-na-Bato National Park
In Bulacan, outside of Manila, visitors can enjoy the ecological and historical Biak-na-Bato National Park. The park has hiking trails, waterfalls and interesting rock formations.

4. Tagaytay 
Home to the Taal Volcano,  Taal Lake, the Zipline, picnic grounds, restaurants and shopping, Tagaytay is the known as the second Summer capital of the Philippines. Tagaytay offers a comfortable climate, an attractive setting and a variety of outdoor activities.


5. Pacific War Memorial
Located in Corregidor Island, this structure commemorates the American and Filipino soldiers of World War II. The memorial features a rotunda, sculpture, museum and reflecting pool.


6. Cebu Taoist Temple 
In the affluent suburb of Beverly Hills in Cebu, visitors can see the temple built for the many Chinese followers of Taoism. It has a distinctively Chinese architecture with a pagoda top and 99 steps to the entrance.

7.  The Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras 
An extraordinary example of the ancient culture of the Philippines is the Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras, which were built by the Ifugao people 2000 years ago. The terraces are still in operation today despite a number of ecological problems that threaten their existence.

cordilleraPreserved indigenous crafts of the Northern Philippine Highlands.

8. Fort Santiago 

One of the Philippines most important historical sites, Fort Santiago was the main fortress used for defense of the Spanish during its occupation of the Philippines. The fort stands at the mouth of the Pasig River. It served as defense for the spice trade to Europe and the Americas. The fort was named for Saint James the Great.


9. Chocolate Hills 
Bohol’s most famous attraction is the Chocolate Hills. Natural forces formed the 1268 mounded hills strewn across the landscape. These conical hills are green in summer, but during the dry season, turn a chocolate-brown color that makes them look like Hersey’s Kisses.

10. Ati-Atahan Festival 
Ati-atahan is a festival in honor of Santo Nino in a colorful event of face painting, costumes, drums and dancing that many have compared to Rio’s carnival. It is held on the third week of January in Kalibo, Panay Island. Many other festivals are held throughout the year in the Philippines.

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