12 years and still blogging: My journey as a blogger and what it means to me

Back in school most of us used to hate when the teacher assigned a writing task. The long word count often discouraged us, especially if the title was not to our liking or we felt that we had no idea whatsoever what we were going to write about. I am pretty sure that you relate to this. I sure do, even though I still recall that once I started writing the main difficulty was to actually stop! And, I never imagined that once I grew up, I would have taken writing seriously. My journey as a blogger has spanned over several years and looking back I must say that sharing a story has been an integral part of my life and it has helped me grow into a better person. You might be thinking that I am exaggerating this, but I am not. Allow me to give you an overview of how blogging is simply a wonderful opportunity that helps you grow and develop.

I would like to start off by stating that writing is an impressive skill. It helps you pour out your thoughts, emotions and opinions. It allows you to be yourself, and to share a part of you in an extrinsic manner, so that others may understand how you feel. Writing also enables you to create stories, characters and embark on a journey of imagination.

The opportunities that writing offers you are practically limitless. This is something that I started to appreciate much better as I grew older. From my teenage years scribbling on my diary, and trying to create books, to my years at university where writing had to make a more serious tone as I had to write in exam papers and assignments. And then onto the best part of my writing journey – when I started to write articles and took up blogging as a unique way to practice my love for writing.

As you may see writing is a continuous journey. And the best part of it is that the more you write, the better you tend to get at it. It is a process that surely coincides with the popular saying that practice makes perfect. Having said that, I am sure you agree with me that no writer is perfect. But, there is no denying that the more you write the more confident you become.

In a nutshell, I feel that over time, the more I wrote, the better I got:

  • In terms of the words and expressions I used.
  • In terms of my writing speed.
  • In terms of how confident I felt to express myself on paper.
  • In terms of my imagination and ideas.
  • In terms of learning and appreciating new things and what is around you.
  • In terms of understanding what fellow writers wrote, and to learn from them to become an even better writer.

Apart from all of these benefits, there is one huge advantage of writing a story. I feel that writing and blogging about things helped me psychologically in a range of ways. For starters whenever I sit down and start writing I feel as if I am in a whole new world, where there is just me and the keyboard or the paper I am writing about it. I tend to forget everything that used to be on my mind, as well as my surroundings. This is a great way to help you unwind in a unique manner, and I feel that it has also allowed me to achieve a better mental health.

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When I feel down or a bit depressed, I find that sitting down and writing away actually helps me a great deal. Blogging is a way that helps you cope with stress, anxiety or negative feelings. Once I am done writing I feel so much better. It is just as if you went out and ran or jogged for a few minutes! That is just the way it works for me. In case you never tried it out I strongly suggest that you give it a shot the next time you are feeling a bit down.

I also noticed that over time I became much more confident. Writing is one of the reasons behind my boost in self esteem and self confidence. I am saying this because I truly feel that thanks to the blogging opportunities providing by writing to bring out whatever is troubling me or whatever I really feel strongly about, I managed to become a person that is much more assured and self assured.

I feel that writing is a gift – some people are born with it, while others uncover their writing skills over time. But in reality if you set your mind to it, you can be a content creator, a writer, a blogger or an influencer. At the end of the day we all have our opinions, thoughts, perspectives, emotions, likes and dislikes. Being able to express these on paper or on a computer is a skill, which ultimately also helps you to become a better person. You learn to understand yourself as you are better able to comprehend whatever is on your mind. While you write you are also better able to discern your thoughts, prioritize them, and reach conclusions or find solutions.

Sometimes I meet people who tell me that they hate writing, or that they cannot understand how I manage to devote so much time and passion to blogging. I feel bad for these people as evidently they have either never tried writing in a way that they can truly appreciate the beauty behind this skill. I would actually go a step further, and rather than calling writing merely a skill, I think it would be more accurate to state that it is a form of artistic expression. An artist paints with colors, a writer paints pictures with words, expressions, metaphors, and so much more!

Believe me – blogging changed my life for the better and made me a healthier, happier person!

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