It’s hard to believe we’re already at 2013 in just a few minutes, but well…there you are…2013. Before the year ends, I am going to leave you with a picture that can paint a thousand words.

2012 year end post

A new batch of unfamiliar faces I met during Project Sagada. Sagada is a 5th class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines. Beautiful and culturally rich Sagada is known for its caves, hanging coffins, incredible rice terraces, pine forests and mossy forests. Image courtesy of Jomar Hirata.

Anyway, it feels ultimately great when I write about small things when they are really, in fact, a big thing for someone like me, a hidden treasure actually and this one is too great not to talk about. I was about to write my year ender post like every blogger does but due to time constraints I will just summarize my thoughts, contemplations and realizations for the coming year.

I bet you have heard this many times already that for our lives to change, we have to change. Change is really good. Do you agree? Through the years, I have attempted to step outside of my comfort zone. I have tasted a new dish which I have never tried before. I have travelled solo to find myself in the sea of new experiences. Traveling full time has its ups and downs just like any life choices. Traveling makes me grow as a person. Thanks to the beautiful places and the wonderful people I meet on my journey.

Seriously, I wanted to try something new. I even told myself, beginning of the year 2013, I have to find myself lost in the ocean of new experiences. Of course I won’t just sit back and relax. Yes you are reading it right. I wanted to dare myself into something radical this time in order to direct myself and my life in a different destination. I wanted to have a very meaningful vacation before I end my year 2012. And I thought this is one of the most enjoyable new years resolution I will ever make in life. Now whatever I intend to do, where ever I go and whatever happens, I want you to be part of my journey.

The big thing is that I have been thinking myself crazy the past few weeks convincing myself that I don’t wanna be a corporate slave anymore. That’s just my plan. So I need to prepare myself for the worst, so I won’t be surprised anymore when the things I want to happen doesn’t really happen. I think I just want to be pessimistic. I will keep my faith alive (That’s what I meant by positive thinking).

Thanks a lot to all my friends I met on the road, on twitter and Facebook (and through this blog, too) for all the positive thoughts and prayers. I will never stop counting friends. I sincerely appreciate you people!

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!
Happy New Year!


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