summer siren festival 2014

So you’ve booked it, now you need to pack it, before you can, well, you know (it never gets old!). But what to shove in that suitcase?

Packing for clubbing holidays in Ayia Napa is something of an art form – it definitely deserves a bit of pre-holiday thought. But don’t strain yourself. Just print out and keep our handy packing guide and take the stress out of stuffing that suitcase.

Beach Wear
The good news is that swimwear takes up very little room in a suitcase – which is lucky because you’ll probably want to take lots of it. Florals are always big for summer – and big, bold, tropical blooms are where it’s at this year. Sticking with the bold look, neons are very much in. For something more subtle, ocean hues (aquamarine, turquoise et al) are a big fashion story for S/S 2013.

Club Wear
Take your neon look from beach to club to stand out on the dancefloor. 80’s style bralets worn with high-waisted denim shorts a la Madonna are another amazing summer look. Check out the Rihanna collection at River Island for a fail-safe clubbing capsule wardrobe.

Shades are essential. You can’t go wrong with classic aviators but coloured frames are very much in vogue again – the brighter the better!

If you’re fussy about what you use on your body, you need to take your favourite products with you. If not, save space in your case and buy your moisturisers, shampoos and whatnot out there. Chances are you’ll have used them up by the end of the week, keeping cases lighter on both your outward and return journeys – more space for shoes!

On thing you shouldn’t leave to chance is sun protection. Buy a trusted UK brand to pack, and make sure you take at least 500ml for a week long stint in the sunshine.

What Else?
Paracetamols? Condoms? Charger? Plug adapter? Towel? Travel pillow? Hair straighteners? All of these and more may be worthy of space in your case. Pick and choose to suit your own requirements.

Once your case is sorted then you’re ready to hit Ayia Napa 2013 in style. Just don’t forget your toothbrush – and your passport!


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