4 Must-Have Appliances for Summer in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that’s known to be hot all year round. But temperatures can rise past 35°C in the summer months of March, April, and May, and because of the high relative humidity, the heat index often goes beyond 40°C during this season. Excessive heat can be more than just inconvenient for a Filipino family, for example with regard to keeping food and drinks fresh. It can also cause great discomfort, exacerbate physical ailments like cardiovascular diseases, and even increase a person’s risk of suffering from dehydration and heat stroke. 

There are several ways your household can beat the summer heat so that everyone stays comfortable, healthy, and focused on their daily tasks. One is to ensure that your cooling, cleaning, and cold storage appliances at home work properly. If they don’t, consider either repairing them or replacing them with more efficient and reliable ones. Make your home a proper refuge from the blistering heat of summer and have these four types of home appliances at the ready. 

Appliances for Cold Storage 

The summer months are perfect for food items like ice cream, fresh fruits, and cold soft drinks or iced tea. Some dishes, like chicken or pork barbecue, also seem more delicious on a hot summer day. But without reliable appliances for cold storage, fresh food can deteriorate faster, get spoiled, and subject people to food poisoning. Prevent food wastage and contamination, and keep your beverages cool with quality refrigerator and chillers.

Don’t wait until the hotter months begin before you get your existing fridge, freezer, or chiller checked up for damage or wear-and-tear. Better yet, consider investing in a larger, more reliable, and more energy-efficient cold storage appliance to last you and your family many happy summers.   

Appliances for Keeping Your Rooms Cool

On summer days that are absent of any cool wind, you and your family will need hardworking electric fans and air conditioners. These keep you comfortable and ensure that air is circulating around the room, and in the case of air conditioners, that heat is actually drawn out of the room. It’ll be a major problem, however, if one of these breaks down in the middle of summer. Your appliance could end up expending more energy while working less efficiently, which will be a pain when you get your electric bill. Worse yet, you might not be able to use it at all, and your family members might become uncomfortable or even get sick. 

Keep your home breezy—and keep your utility bills from soaring out of control—by getting new cooling appliances that will actually last you for years to come. Place them in  strategic areas around your home, clean them when they get dirty, and get them serviced whenever there’s a need for maintenance or repairs. 

Appliances for Cleaning

Staying cool shouldn’t be your only priority this summer if you want your entire family to be healthy. It matters just as much to have good cleaning appliances around, as the summer months can also get rather dusty. Without you knowing it, dust, dirt, pollen, and other particles could be accumulating in the little corners of your house. To prevent allergies, asthma attacks, or rashes that could be caused by any of these, remember to vacuum, wipe down, and scrub your surfaces thoroughly. 

A new cleaning appliance like a handheld vacuum, stick vacuum, or even robot vacuum will be a great investment not only this summer, but all year round. Get the kind that can most easily help you clean your carpets, floors, and furniture, as well as hard-to-reach areas like under the sofa. 

An Appliance for Purifying or Dehumidifying Indoor Air

Air quality is another thing you should pay special attention to this summer, especially when the weather changes from dry to humid. The air in your home may eventually start feeling heavy or stuffy, making you uncomfortable and less likely to focus or enjoy yourself. Aside from keeping your windows open and circulating fresh air around your home, you can also consider getting appliances to improve your indoor air quality. These include air purifiers and dehumidifiers, which have become more mainstream and are being sold at fairly affordable prices. 

An air purifier works by trapping particles using a filter, and sometimes they also neutralize pathogenic agents by releasing positive and negative ions into the indoor air. Some varieties even have sensors that measure how clean the indoor air is. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, draws warm air currents into its coils from one side, reducing humidity in the atmosphere. From the other side of the machine, it releases drier and cooler air into the room. These appliances will be great at helping you breathe more comfortably in your indoor spaces and in keeping the air light and free from pollutants. 

Tips on Doing Your Summer Shopping for New Appliances

Now that you know which household appliances are essential for the summer, it’s time to start shopping for the ones you don’t have yet. You can find appliances to enjoy not only during the summer, but the whole year round, with these tips: 

  • Look around for summer deals for household appliances. You may be able to get the latest models from respected brands at a significant discount. 
  • Take note of the dimensions or measurements of the appliance so that you can be sure it fits where you intend to keep it. 
  • Watch videos or look up reviews from other customers so that you know just how effective your appliance is. 
  • Keep track of the product warranties and additional services from your retailer, so that your appliance can stay in great condition for more than one summer. 

Your appliances can spell the difference between dreading summer and actively looking forward to it. Make your summer count and relish the days that you can spend with your family at home with high-quality, long-lasting appliances!

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