5 Best Campsites In The World To Visit Right Now

Traveling is all about discovering yourself while wandering through unknown terrains. If you’re a travel buff, you realize the importance of frequent travel excursions. Also, the getaway is the best way to recharge and come back better both spiritually and mentally. You can head out on a short camping spree in case you’re running out of enough time. Not to forget, the camping experiences offer the best lessons and survival skills. What adds to the excursion are natural aesthetics, sounds of chirping birds, and fresh air.

Best Campsites In The World

Here are the top places to consider for your next camping adventure across the globe. 

  • Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Here’s New Zealand’s highest mountain peak that offers some aesthetic views and a fresh breeze. Mount Cook National Park is one of the most preferred locations for camping, hiking, and nature therapy. With the alpine terrain and rich biodiversity, you will likely enjoy your camping excursion at this campsite. Also, the spot is popular amongst the hikers due to the rough terrain and moderate to high difficulty levels. While camping, you can enjoy the nearby spots like Tasman Lake and attractive flora. Some exotic fauna available in the region is mountain daisies and golden speargrass. 

Make sure to carry your Ultra-compact camping chair to enjoy the bonfire during the twilight. Also, pack some snacks to enjoy while sitting by the bonfire with your close acquaintances. In case you need anything, you can always head to Mount Cook village.

  • Devon, England

If you’re forward to an offbeat place for your camping adventure, then Devon may be the right choice. It is quite distant from the rest of the UK and holds a soothing atmosphere for travelers. Also, you can pitch your camps at Dartmoor for aesthetic views of the cliffs nearby. The best time to camp in the region is during the autumn due to the pleasant weather. You get to enjoy the ancient ruins, modern city life, as well as natural vibes all in a single place. With sporty activities like rafting and horse riding, you are likely to make the most of your camping spree. 

Pack your camping bag and embark upon the journey to the breath-taking campsite. You may try out the watersports, fishing, and cycling after you set up the tent. That way, you can spend a full-fledged camp-cation there.

  • The Alps, France

For all the campers who wish to have a thrilling time, The Alps offers the best camping experience. Amidst the highest mountain range, you get to enjoy the stunning landscape along with delicious food. You can traverse through the attractions nearby for a fun-packed camping adventure. Try to camp in the Alps during the spring to observe the blossoming trees and experience the chilled breeze. In case you reach the place in the winters, make sure to go skiing with your friends. Other than this, mountain biking is also quite popular in the region. 

Carry the camping essentials and camp at popular sites like Rhône-Alpes, Hautes-Alpes, and Provence Alpes. Observe the rich flora and fauna with the view of painted skies right in front. But, make sure to be aware of the dangerous animals in the region and take the right precautions to avoid the same.

  • Hossa National Park, Finland

If you’re a fan of geographical marvels like the Aurora Borealis, you must spend some time in Finland. Apart from the colorful sight of the northern lights, you get to have a calm camping experience in the region. Try to camp at the Hosa National Park with a soothing riverside and sounds of the birds around the campsite. Also, you can take a walk down the spruce forests to get in harmony with the natural vibes around. Not to forget, you can choose the camp types like lean-to shelters or cabins according to the preferences. 

You can go out for other activities like skiing, canoeing, and hiking as well. Not only will it enrich your overall experience, but it also adds more fun to your camping getaway. Try out the fishing activities or just sit by the top watching the mesmerizing sunset.

  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia 

Are you fond of the chilly breeze and snow-capped mountains of British Columbia? If yes, then you must head out on a camping spree at Vancouver Island. It comes with some stunning landscapes and comfortable campsites to rest at. Also, you can pitch your tent to popular spots like the West Coast trail to enjoy the experience. Get a chance to gaze at the sea otters and orcas right by your camp. Or, maybe head out for a skiing adventure before setting up a bonfire near the camp. Vancouver Island is a must-visit place for all the campers out there. 

Bottom Line

Travelers across the globe wish to embark upon a camping spree every weekend. If you’re tired of the mundane work routine followed by lazy rest days, you must bring some thrill to life. Head out on a camping spree to one of the best campsites worldwide. Some options to consider are Hossa National Park, The Alps, and Vancouver Island. You can try the activities like canoeing, horse riding, and skiing around the region, along with the camping experience. Make sure to cover up the attractions nearby to transform the camping spree into a vacation. But, beware of the wild animals by the campsite and take the essential precautionary measures.

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