6 Main Tips For Essay Writing That Do work

Writing an essay is a challenging task for many. However, since it is the most common assignment students have to complete during their studies, everyone should learn how to do it right. The only problem is that there are so many types of essay that to master the art of writing each of them may take time. The good news is that whether it comes to an application essay, a descriptive essay, or an argumentative essay, there are several common rules of writing suitable for all of them.

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1. Plan your time.
Time management is the first skill you have to learn if you want to write better essays on any topic. Even if you need to compose a short essay, plan your work ahead. Create a schedule with stages of writing and stick to it as much as possible. If you leave everything until the last minute, chances are you will fail.

2. Develop a strong thesis.
Analyze your primary sources to find any interesting controversy or idea you can use for your thesis statement. Make sure it is related to your topic and conveys your stance on it. Besides, your thesis should be understandable for even those who are not familiar with the problem you are going to discuss.

3. Create an outline.
You cannot write a really good essay without creating an outline first. Think about everything you know about the topic and create a clear writing plan. Include in it all major arguments you want to use, but don’t get into too much detail. Such an outline will guide you through the whole process of writing.

4. Be specific.
Whether it comes to the introductory part, the body, or the concluding paragraph, be specific in everything you write. Your ideas, thoughts, and arguments should always be presented in the most appealing and interesting way. However, don’t include any irrelevant or unnecessary information. Stay focused on your topic and thesis statement.

5. Use quotations.
Quotations are a good tool to attract the reader’s attention, especially when they are used in the introductory part. Moreover, they are the right way to avoid plagiarism and to keep your essay original. However, it does not mean that you should include long sections from texts in your writing. Use only the most relevant quotes that are related to your topic or can support your thesis.

6. Always edit your work.
Last but not least stage of essay writing is editing. You need to carefully revise your work after the first draft is complete. Besides, it is recommended to ask another person to check your essay for any missed errors and typos. Remember, no work is perfect without revision. Editing and proofreading are what may help you get the higher grade.

These simple tips will take your essay writing skills to the next level. Apply them with confidence, and you are sure to see the result of your work much faster than you could ever imagine.

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