7 Breathtaking Destinations To Visit for Whiskey Lovers

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by Rebecca G.

Beach parties and special occasions call for celebration and mouth-watering meals. With the delicious recipes and booze, you can transform every meal into an occasion. Also, whiskies rank the highest when it comes to preferences and tasting notes. It reflects an earthy aroma and savory taste on the palate. If you’re a traveler who likes whiskey, you must traverse through the top whiskey destinations across the world. Some destinations to cover up are Texas, Tennessee, and Scotland. Not only can it allow you to taste diverse whiskey types, but it also satiates the wanderlust within.

Here are the top destinations to look forward to for a peaceful whiskey tasting experience.

  • Texas

One of the best places to begin your quest for the perfect whiskey is Texas city. It features the best cattle adventures and architecture to die for. Also, the place holds the utmost cultural heritage and is home to some extraordinary museums. If you’re someone who loves history, you can explore the historical marvels along with the whiskey spots. Before heading out, make sure to create a travel itinerary and include the best whiskey distilleries in the list. 

Some whiskey distilleries to try out in the city are Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery, Garrison Brothers Distillery, and Crystal Creek Distillery. Along with this, you can grab a glass of johnnie walker for your enjoyment.

  • Japan
whiskey destinations in the world

Are you a sushi lover and like to stroll down the bustling streets lined with aesthetic cafes? If yes, then you need to explore the streets of Japan. The place holds the utmost cultural diversity coupled up with modern technology. Also, you can satiate your love for whiskey with fine distilleries like Chichibu Distillery, Suntory Yamazaki Distillery, and Yoichi Distillery. Make sure to explore the attractive spots on your way to the distilleries as well. Some attractions to consider are Sendai Castle, Mount Fuji, and Imperial Tokyo. 

  • Scotland

Scotland is all about the royal castles and natural aesthetics that surround the city life. Also, it has some of the oldest whiskey distilleries that gratify spirit lovers. The place is home to high-quality whiskey prepared from malted barley. You can explore the whiskey spots like Cardhu Distillery, The Dalmore Distillery, and Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery. On your way, grab a bite of the Scottish delight like haggis and oatcakes to beat the hunger. Don’t forget to spend at least a few days and carry the authentic whiskies back home.

  • Ireland

For all the whiskey enthusiasts out there, Ireland is undoubtedly a dream come true. Irish whiskey is quite popular and tastes much more delicious than your usual favorites. Also, the place has some great distilleries that have been operational for more than 100 years. Some options to consider on your exploration are Midleton, West Cork, Dingle, and  Cooley. Bushmills. Other than this, you can traverse through the Cliffs of Moher and the Grafton street in Dublin. Drive across the Ring Of Kerry to enjoy breath-taking fields and a cool breeze. 

  • New York

Here’s the city that makes every person dream of the neverending nights and bustling streets. New York is your go-to place if you wish to explore the historical distilleries and try diverse whiskeys. Also, the region holds attractive distillers like Can Brunt Stillhouse and Kings County Distillery. Make sure to try out the craft whiskies from the top distilleries in town. You can also cover up the attractions while sipping on your favorite whiskies from the distilleries. Some attractive spots that you shouldn’t miss are Central Park, the Statue Of Liberty, and The Museum of Modern Art. 

  • Canada

If you don’t like the rough whiskies and wish to get your hands on the smoother ones, then head off to Canada. The Canadian whiskey arises from corn spirits coupled up with multi-grain liquors. Also, the place has century-old distilleries that offer whiskey lessons as well as tasting experiences. You can head off to the region during May for the ultimate whiskey tour. Also, visit the bars like The Caledonian, Allen’s, and The Feathers Pub to enjoy your favorite spirit. In the end, explore the architectural spots to satiate the traveler within you.

  • Oregon

If you’re a drinker who likes to try out different kinds of spirits, then Oregon is the dream place for you. Head straight to Portland for a fun-packed and adventurous whiskey tour. The place is home to the delicious Westward Whiskey that offers the perfect blend of taste and aroma. Some distilleries to explore in the region are The Whisky & Rocks Farm Loop and Pendleton. Along with this, you get to gaze at the breath-taking sunset on Sunset Point trail. Make sure to explore the region and grab the authentic whiskies for your buddies back home. Not only will it allow you to experience the best whiskey tasting, but it also checks the places off your travel list.

Final verdict

Traveling is all about exploring your favorite places and traversing through unknown terrains. If you’re fond of traveling, you can head out on a whiskey exploration with your loved ones. That way, you get to achieve two goals at once with the mouth-watering whiskey tasting and travel adventures. Some places to head off to are Texas, Canada, and Oregon. Also, you can find out the ideal whiskey spots in your favorite destination and enjoy the trip. Don’t forget to try out the authentic whiskey types in the region. Along with this, you can grab some for your friends and family as well. 

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