8 Reasons Why You Should Make It a Point to Visit Phuket, Thailand

One may argue that there is something worth seeing wherever one goes, and this may hold some truth. But what if I were to tell you that there is a place which is literally heaven on earth. A tourist destination that is extremely popular for a wide array of reasons. This is Phuket in Thailand – where millions of people travel to every year. And no wonder they do so! Here are some of the main reasons why you should make it a point to visit Phuket at least once in your life!


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• First of all, the weather is really great. Temperatures here do not vary much and you can basically expect pleasantly warm weather for most of the year! So you can book a holiday to Phuket whenever you like and that is just great!

Phuket resorts

• There are luxurious resorts for those who want to spend a holiday in complete indulgence and extravagance. In fact, the accommodation options in Phuket are numerous and very well rated. As there are numerous smaller islands, you will be able to find islands resorts that simply go out of their way to amaze visitors and tourists. You will be able to indulge in complete relaxation while being surrounded by complete luxury – from high-quality finishes and decorations, numerous facilities, fine dining options and picturesque settings.

Phuket Travel Guide

• The glorious beaches are one of the main attractions in Phuket. Here you will be amazed at the long stretches of white sand contrasting with the crystal clear turquoise of the sea. Most beaches also feature karst rocks at amazing heights. There are beaches ideal for those who prefer vivacity, and others that are quieter and more secluded. For instance, Patong beach is very well known. It is on the West Coast and here you will be able to find a lively atmosphere with many beach bars and resorts. More secluded beaches can be found further South and here one can simply sunbathe, relax and enjoy a large area along the beach practically all to himself!

• In Phuket, you will also be able to enjoy some great food. The Thai food served here is renowned for its flavours and fragrance. You will be able to find several places that serve authentic dishes. There are numerous local restaurants that are well known for their variety of fabulous dishes. Some of the most popular include Brake Taek, Ko Benz and Ang Seafood. There is also a wide range of street food available in Phuket Town for those who just want to grab a quick bite while strolling around.

Phuket Thailand Travel

• Natural beauty is evident in Phuket, and it is not just the fabulous beaches. There are waterfalls, mountains and a rainforest in the center of the island. You will be amazed at the magnificent natural beauty Phuket offers, which is why many people describe it as heaven on earth and the perfect place for a complete getaway.

• Plenty of activities to engage in – from scuba diving to snorkelling, from quad biking to mountain climbing, and even zip lining, water rafting and kayaking! For those who want to engage in some of these adventurous activities, Phuket is the place to visit!

Phuket Night Life

• Great nightlife with many pubs, nightclubs and bars to go to for those who love to party!

• History and culture are also very interesting in Phuket. From the numerous Buddhist temples to the interesting museums and cultural highlights, there is no doubt that those who love history will have a great time here too.

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So, as you can see, Phuket is a tropical Thai island that offers breath-taking views, gorgeous locations for relaxation, exciting activities and wonderful beaches. In a nutshell, it is ideal for anyone and everyone – whether it is a couple on their honeymoon looking for a romantic location, a group of friends who want to engage in some adventurous activities, a family looking for a relaxing trip in astounding surroundings – there is literally something for everyone in Phuket!

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