8 Tips on How to Save Money When Booking a Hotel

Finding the best hotel accommodation is one of the most challenging tasks of planning a trip since you need to consider many things like costs. Before you even cut your itinerary short just to lower your travel expenses, you may want to check out these tips on how to save money when looking for a hotel. 

booking a hotel

Set a Budget

One of the most important things to consider is your budget. See how much you are willing to spend on your hotel accommodation before booking online. It will be easier to find your ideal hotel when you have a nightly rate in your mind, rather than getting carried away with all the available options.

Avoid Peak Periods

If you want to save on hotel bookings, then it’s best to set your travel dates outside of the peak travel periods like school and bank holidays as well as weekends. Also, you may want to think about skipping the big events and festivals since there is a higher demand for hotel accommodations during these times. In addition, avoiding them can save you lots of money and allow you to enjoy the place without crowds.

Many are aware that the hotel fees are lower on weekdays, but missing out on work is not always possible for everyone. If you are taking a trip for a three-day weekend, it’s best to travel from Saturday to Monday rather than scheduling it for Friday to Sunday because Sunday night rates are more affordable than Friday night.

Select the Location Wisely

You want to choose the location of your hotel wisely as this can greatly affect the room rates. With this, you may want to stay away from the city center or popular tourist spots. Instead, choose hotels located on the outer ends of the city and away from downtown. Some hotels in these areas often offer free shuttle services or parking to their guests. Aside from the price difference, you can also take this opportunity to explore less-crowded areas.

Look for Bundle Deals

Another way to save money on hotels is to bundle services together. Many online travel agencies offer more affordable prices by bundling hotel rooms with your flights and even car rental, but you also need to be careful. Sometimes, they cost nearly the same if you were to book the services separately. Make sure to check different websites so you can compare the prices.

In line with this, stay away from entertainment packages that include spa treatments, movie and show tickets, and other similar items. Sadly, these entertainment packages only give minimal discounts, and it may even be better to access them individually. Also, you may feel obligated to attend the events. It will be more cost-efficient to choose the activities you want when you arrive at the hotel.

Consider Your Must-Haves

When booking a hotel, you must also determine the things you don’t want to compromise on or your must-haves, such as swimming pool access or spa treatment availability. If you choose hotels without these amenities, you might miss out on the things you really want to enjoy even if it saves you some money. 

Also, you may want to ask yourself what is important to you and what kind of holiday you want. Do you want to spend most of your time exploring the new city you’re visiting or just chilling out at the hotel? Do you want to experience a luxurious retreat or just a comfortable bed to crash in at the end of an eventful day? The answer to these questions may help you select the type of hotel you want to stay in and their price range.

Check Out Special Promos

Many hotels and online booking sites offer special discounts and promos. They may require you to join membership programs to enjoy perks and promos, such as getting priority access to lower-priced rooms. 

Also, some hotels offer frequent guests reward programs that provide complimentary room upgrades and weekend discounts. These may be more beneficial for business travelers as they often travel for work.

Book in Advance

Many travelers take advantage of lower costs when booking in advance. If you plan ahead, you may discover a lot of affordable deals on hotel accommodations. You may also get a wider selection of rooms when you do this. Also, you can avoid higher charges if you book outside of peak travel seasons.

Some hotels allow booking as early as a year before the trip. When you do this, make sure to check their refund and rebooking policies just in case you suddenly need to cancel your reservation. Most hotels are flexible and will give a refund if you notify them at least a week before your arrival.

Book Directly

Many travelers prefer to look for special deals elsewhere, overlooking the advantages of booking directly with a hotel. It is more affordable since you don’t have to pay the online travel agent’s commission, which can be as much as 20 percent of the published rate.

Also, many hotels now offer special benefits to guests who book directly. In Manila, you can choose a direct booking at Kabayan Hotel and get discounts on meals and transportation services.

These are just some tips to help you look for a hotel. It’s always best to do your research and explore your options before making any reservations. 

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