This is just a continuation of my recent trip to Baguio last weekend. Our first day in Baguio was a blast. For our second day, I am not going to take so much of your time,  so without further ado , my story begins here.—

I woke up so bright  and early that morning and went to the lobby waiting for the rest of the company to take our  breakfast  . After breakfast, We headed to Orchidarium , A sanctuary of beautiful flowers


We needed to see the best of Baguio . When we finally landed at the Orchidarium , I knew I was going to be fried out there with the heat of the sun. But I did not mind . At any rate, it’s not as hot compared in Manila . They’re selling stuff and various plants and flowers .I have chatted with  plants and some flowers that I have never seen before. Ang kulit lang talaga. I was contemplating if I buy or not but the rest thought  of buying some of these beautiful flowers the next day to maximize our time. We still have so many interesting places to visit anyway. Joy ride na !



Next destination – Chinese Temple and the Bell church. On our way to the temple I had a glimpse over a row of houses on top of the hill facing down .I thought I was looking at a painting on a wall. I was really glad to see the landscape of houses hugging the mountains of Baguio City. This is actually something I could think of everytime I hear Baguio aside from the Pine trees.


baguio bell church

Situated at the northern part of Baguio City is The Bell Church. I love the designed arches and architecture. Beautiful landscaped gardens are noticeable .There are  Buddhism artifacts but I don’t have any idea exactly what it symbolizes. The Bell church reminds me of the Taoist temple when I visited one in Cebu City. Everytime I see Chinese temple , I always think of dragon , lotus , burning of joss sticks. I was never tired of taking photos here. But please be guided to refrain from taking pictures inside the temple. Respect those who are inside praying . Mind you , they are very strict when it comes to taking photographs.

baguio bell church


baguio bell church

Look at the photo above . The secret mountains will no longer be a secret.  Mountains , now covered with houses. I was told that you will never  see these house during the months of  September, October, November and December as it is covered with fog.




Waterlily in the living pond- A flower that is so fragile. Delicate. How can’t you love them. I personally like this because it is extremely a perfect image of gorgeousness.  Seryoso yan ha! I was extremely thrilled and enjoyed with all other colorful blooms in the area. I am going to make a separate blog post about waterlily soon so please stay tuned.

Oh my Gulay, Baguio
Our adventure in Baguio would never be complete if we miss Oh My Gulay. I read about Oh My Gulay from other  bloggers who  already shared the experience  with Baguio’s famed art space and vegetarian restaurant. So We made a decision to take our lunch here . The restaurant is along Session Road and it is easy to locate , you will never get lost trust me!

Oh my Gulay, Baguio

The restaurant is totally remarkable . It’s very simple but designed in an artistic way. I was overwhelmed with the gallery of arts around the area.
While I was taking photos , everybody else asked for the menu and ordered some of the flavorful dishes they offer. I am not terribly picky when it comes to food but ofcourse we all have our standards agree? So I was intrigued what to order. Mukhang masarap silang lahat anyway. So, I asked the waitress , ” What should I order then?” Then she replied and convinced me to try their best seller which is ” Anak ng Putanesca” Sounds delicious . I said ok  bigyan mo ko nyan !. The waitress is so friendly and very assertive.  I ordered pasta which is the Anak ng Putanesca (best seller) While the rest ordered something else.
My verdict? Pop ! joke lang . But seriously, It’s worth it. It was delicious , authentic ingredients and little spicy na lalong nagpasarap. Although , Gener, (Eurotel marketing staff) did not enjoy his lunch. Hindi raw kasi sya nabusog.
Pairing it with a lemon iced tea is recommended .I strongly recommend this eating place while you are in Baguio . Eating a delicious , authentic and tasty food plus a panoramic view of Baguio City’s Burnham Park. This is a good place to unwind, get alone, mag senti, mag-emote and enjoy the city of pines. Again this is one of the destination that you should visit when you go to Baguio. Oh My Gulay is located  at the Top Floor of  La Azotea Bldg along Session Road.

strawberry farm baguio

The last time we met was a couple of years ago , when I was still younger . And  I did not know about blogging then. I must have blogged about my experience at the Strawberry Farm in La trinidad Benguet siguro kung alam ko lang na magiging blogger ako .

Anyway, Some people say it’s boring out there. Realistically, oo nga naman , it’s just a plain strawberry farm , there is a strawberry, they sell souvenir and other stuff. But, Have you realized the great experience picking those strawberries yourselves? Tama ba ako byahilo? LOL.  The joy of picking these fresh strawberries is best shared with friends and family. This is the highlight of our activity . Feel it and imagine yourself harvesting your own strawberry . The experience is worth it. It might be expensive for some but unforgettable and priceless to the others.

 strawberry farm baguio

Most of us try to capture the perfect image of famous landmarks or maybe a panoramic view of places we are visiting. Here at the Strawberry farm , I was trying to find out and search for an interesting subject to shoot . So I turned around and found these two gentlemen and asked if I can have them photographed. These images will help me remember the best times and should be shared with family and friends when I come home.

baguio tam-awan village

We also paid a visit to the Garden in the sky at Tam-awan village. Another tourist destination in Baguio City which is home for artists. This place houses a collection of various Ifugao and ang Kalinga arts are found. Feel and take a glimpse of Cordillera’s old way of living and lifestyle.

This a remarkable place to people who appreciate arts . A place of activities like art exhibits , workshops and alike. Feel at home and enjoy the brighter and colorful side of Baguio only at Tam-awan village. Explore and discover things that people seldom appreciate. The Tam-awan village also not just for people who appreciate art but for those who value nature and life.

baguio restaurant

It’s dinner time , rushing ourselves for a gastronomic treat from O Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hot Pot. This is my second time eating at a Mongolian restaurant. This reminds me of Kublai Khan in Cebu City. What will you expect? A row of fresh vegetables , meat and various sauces and spices. Needless to say that you have to choose your ingredients and they will be the one to cook for you. So grab a chopstick or kubyertos if you don’t know how to use one and savor the flavor of O Mai Khan Mongolian restaurant Grill and Hot Pot.

spa in baguio

Spa de Soleil Baguio

#123 Abanao Ext., Rizal Monument, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

Mon – Sun:10:00-01:00

For inquiries and reservation please call (074) 424-8451 or 0928-4343577


It was entirely a tiring day but again it’s worth it. Before bed time Eurotel surprised us with a soothing and relaxing aromatherapy massage at Spa De Soleil. An hour of rhythmic and therapeutic massage with a combination of Swedish and shiatsu. I will surely going to miss this. Eurotel spoiled us with a bunch of treats.

Eurotel Baguio
#123 Abanao Extension, Bgy. Rizal Monument
Baguio City 2600 (Near City Hall)
For Reservation Call: (072)444-EURO
Central Reservation: (02)355-0000
Website : www.eurotel-hotel.com

It’s monday morning . We packed our bags and went back home. The Baguio bliss was a truly a success . I am very humbled and blessed to be part of this event. It has been a joyous and wonderful trip…

Again, Many thanks to Ivan, zhin, Gener and Joel for their genuine hospitality.It was a blast . Thanks to my fellow bloggers too . Stacy and KurtFlowEricBrennaRichard and Alex. and Eurotel Marketing Team for sharing the kindness and memorable moments with me.
See you again soon.

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