If you’re familiar with a bicycle, you’ll know how exhilarating this activity can be. Saddling up and setting off, at your own pace, whilst taking in your surroundings and enjoying the fresh air is almost unbeatable.
Cycling holidays are readily available throughout Europe. With a wide variety of terrain available, if you’re an avid cyclist or a complete beginner, there’s bound to be a resort to suit you.


Here’s some of the best:

This beautiful island offers a myriad of terrain to explore, from the challenging off-road trails to the gentle lanes. Climb to highest point on the island and soak up the breathtaking views before tackling the thrilling descent, in the Radio Mast Challenge.



With views of Mount Olympus and Mount Athos, the panoramas you can enjoy aboard your cycle in Halkidiki are certainly impressive. Plus, with the beautiful coastlines, you can enjoy beach holidays in the area too.



The Bodrum peninsula in Turkey is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. The rocky ground means the site is a little more challenging than some, but if you have the guts to try it, you won’t be disappointed.


Make your way around the rustic villages, with a gentle bike ride along the winding lanes, before taking the steep hills back down to the base of the valley.



This 80km route, including inclines, fast lanes and winding roads, gives you a perfect opportunity to admire the scenery of this incredible destination. Offering terrain for everyone, it’s ideal no matter what your proficiency, whilst the full length of the route will require a fair bit of stamina.
With many other resorts all over Europe, including the mountains of Austria and the country lanes of Italy, you can hop on a bike pretty much anywhere. A perfect way to admire your surroundings, be sure to book cycling holidays in somewhere breathtakingly beautiful and be awe inspired at the sights.