One of the great things about discovering and building connection with other travel bloggers would be the remarkable character of their blogs and how they influence people . Some of them focus on their photography skills while the rest  give emphasis on  their writing prowess. There are really cool travel blogs you can read online these days. I am now leaving you with a great site focus on Philippine travels. And this month, I am delighted to present Renz Bulseco‘s blog thetravelingnomad. One of the blogs I strongly recommend. I am very positive that you will also be hooked.


About his travel blog

– My travel blog is not your ordinary travel blog. I mean, aside from writing the important information about the places that I’ve visited and the different cultures that I’ve experienced, I always include my personal experiences and I ALWAYS inject humor to my posts. So yeah, I guess that’s the edge of my travel blog.


Three personal favorite travel blogs

– I read a LOT of travel blogs. Here are my top three favorites:


Best thing about blogging

– You meet new friends and you also have the chance to earn.

Worst thing about blogging

People who misunderstand your posts. See also: Haters.

How and where he gets inspiration from

– Definitely the young and young-at-heart bloggers of PTB Bagets. I’ve always wanted to travel ever since but finding friends who also love traveling is hard. People from bagets were all accommodating, friendly, hospitable… and love traveling (duh). And yeah, I have also learned a LOT from them – from blogging, tips and tricks in traveling, web designing, hosting and a whole lot more!


Tips  for aspiring travel bloggers 

– Don’t just be tourist, be a traveler! Talk to the locals and experience a whole new culture. Traveling actually allows you to experience life beyond your comfort zone. 

Thanks so much Renz. Read and visit his blog at Thetravelingnomad.com.