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I never liked the idea of writing my thoughts. Because I was so scared that blogging my thoughts  will certainly show my vulnerabilities and weaknesses . But I guess I got caught up with the travel blogging fever . So I am warning you  , i write this as a way to vent. Please accept my apology.

I actually don’t want to  write anything down right now, but something inside of me pushes me to write.

There are a lot of things inside me right now, and it  sucks. A sudden wants, wants that I don’t want to have, but i think have. A different kind of fears and its harder like this.

GOD please help me. Communication. Guidance. Blessings and hope. Anxiety. I am sure but am i going to take it?In this world, the right way is the toughest if there is such a word. I feel trapped. I feel hopeless. I feel betrayed. I feel bad. I feel desperate Lord.

I desperately need your guidance . 


I was thinking of all the trips I made in the last couple of weeks. And still dreaming of those beautiful and memorable weekend trips . So what I did was to browse all the photographs on my laptop -some funny , some silly. I also replied some of the few inquiry emails about this adventure. Never did I think that others would appreciate the kind of story I make . You know , most of the time I get really inspired when you set a goal and later on , you accomplish something really big. Sharing your own travel tales is really big.  Thanks for the people who read this blog. Nakakatuwa at nakakataba ng puso.

I am expecting a long distance travel this time . Which means money and planning I guess. Better save some money for another exciting epic adventure. You yourself perhaps can be  on your own adventure but is really an exciting experience. Reaching the summit or maybe Getting on board a flight to somewhere in the Mindanao region or maybe flying to Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. You gotta believe me you will never be alone there. You will meet various people on the road . Trust me I am one of those introverts in this world….

They say that you have to  follow what you have in mind. And you will discover the answer you really want.
Now I think of what I really want in life? My thoughts?
No Facebook? pwede ba yun?
Outdoor trips ( I am talking about more) hahaha

Travel around the world in 365 days?
World Peace? hahaha
community service?
Writing a book? Pwede.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Why am I seriously thinking about life these days? Ano ba talaga kuya? What am I doing ? What am I trying to do and accomplish? I asked this to myself hundreds of times however I am still very determined to decipher all the answers and  trying to find my way to the right path. I am Drowning….


I woke up from a bad dream, a dream that ended before I was given the chance to hope it to last.

Pundaquit Sunset
pundaquit , zambales
I had such a WONDERFUL dream that I really did not want to end; if only I could have slept forever, trapped in that dream, I would have been forgetful I was leaving my reality behind. But dream no more. Or else I’ll get caught and be lost again in my thoughts.
I like sweet dreams. It’s euphoric, but it gives you the sense of nostalgia once you finally wake up. 
I am bored with my present circumstances and I want to try something new. This goes for a wild side of me.

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