There are numbers of a  good quality  travel blogs OUT there..

And I am so impressed about their style of writing. They are great researchers and historians. Their blogs are worth reading. Other blogs that I read are too personalized that they want me to include in their journey. It’s worth engaging and entertaining hindi ba?

That’s why I would love to have a job that has something to do with traveling. It feels  ultimately great when you have a career in exploring the world,  curious because you are hungry for discovering things and indulging your curiosity and writing about the experience. That’s exciting.

I know it is difficult to be a travel journalist. I guess I am talking about tedious things like research and interviews. The joy of traveling from one place to another, talking to a real life backpackers and enthusiasts , meeting a fascinating individual and getting the news are remarkable experiences. 

At any rate , no matter how you try to define yourself, a travel blogger, backpacker, nomad, traveler and a lot more, as long as you are willing to check out the places  and teach yourself. Make a great story that interests you and start sharing it with the others. Have yourself a travel notepad and a pen, a camera and a real hunger for curiousity , then , you are in. And as long as you are having fun, then you are genuinely engaged with the whole world.

I really have a strong interest  with a career in tourism . Like everybody else I am trying to help myself putting things in perspective that would allow me to continue my love for traveling. 

On a lighter note. I want to share you a crazy and funny video of our trip in Mindoro. Need a laugh ? Watch this video. 

Kudos to a friend Julz for trying to be like Susan Calo Medina. Ikaw na! 

Crazy moments Puerto Galera 2011

Tinaob mo pa si Vice Ganda!

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