I have always been fascinated with cultural festivals so I am inviting you to join the Aliwan Festival this coming April 16th which is on a saturday. Its actually an annual event that promotes different cultural festivals all over the Philippines. There will be various programs like dance parade , float competitions and a lot more. 

According to research it started back in 2003, the main objective is to promote different filipino traits and cultures as well as heritage to the whole world . 

Aliwan means entertainment or  amusement in tagalog /filipino language.  This is the grandest fiesta you will be witnessing . 

You dont have to spend so much money because you will see everything here .This is the mother of all fiestas  and I am very positive this is really cool.  Seeing and being part of this  wonderful cultural festivals is a great experience for everyone .

The main event is the cultural street dance competition then followed by float parade and Queen of Aliwan ( its a beauty pageant) Different regions are sending their representative to present their unique cultural festival .  There will also be a numerous bazaar that features various regional products and I also anticipate the wonderful fireworks display at night … 

I was able to gather the schedule of event 

8am Bazaar Opens at the  CCP Complex

8-11am Parade Prep CCP Complex 12nn Proceed to Assembly Quirino Grandstand 3:50pm Kick-off ceremonies Quirino Grandstand 4-9pm Grand Parade Quirino Grandstand to CCP Complex 9pm Awards Night CCP Complex Fireworks Display

Thanks to a blogger friend Suzette Cuerpo for sharing the Aliwan Fiesta Schedules. I Hope to see you guys there…Let us join the grandest street dancing showdown .

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