Angono’s Higantes festival Event schedule


I am so excited to witness my first Higantes Festival experience. Higantes festival or Feast of San Clemente will happen on November 22 -23 . 
I have seen a festival like this before. I have seen a giants or higantes but it was in Atimonan , Quezon. This time,  I was hoping to see one  in Angono, Rizal. 
Why do people celebrate it in general?
 The higantes are made of papier-mache. A model of the head is carved out of a clay. Once its dried , the strips of an old newspaper is glued together until the perfect thickness is achieved. 
This festival is was influenced and introduced by the Mexican art form of papier-mache brought by the idea of Spanish people to the Philippines. 
When I was younger , I thought these giants eat naughty kids . Funny . Little did I know , It was just made of paper. 
Nov. 4, 2011, Friday, 7:30 AM/Angono Catholic Cemetery
Pagdiriwang para sa ika-99 Taon ng Kaarawan ni Carlos ” Botong ” Francisco
Nov. 3-5, Thursday-Saturday, 7:00PM/Angono Municipal Gymnasium
“Sa Bunganga ng Pating,” dula-sarsuwelang pagtatanghal ng Regional Pilpot School for the Arts
Here is the official Higantes Festival Schedule
Nov. 11, Friday, 7:00AM/ Angono Municipal Gymnasium
URS Angono Foundation Day
Nov. 11, Friday, 7:00PM / National Road
San Miguel Beer Concert National Road
Nov. 12, Saturday, 9:00AM/ St. Clement Parish Church
Kumpilang Bayan
Nov. 12-Dec. 31/ Municipal Compound
Higanteng Tiangge
Nov. 12, Saturday, 8:00PM/ Angono Municipal Gymnasium
“Concert ng Siakol” 
Nov. 14, Monday, 8:00AM / Angono Elementary Shool
Seminar on “Basics of The Environment “
Nov. 14, Monday, 8:00PM/ St. Clement Parish Church
Unang Prusisyon
Nov. 14-22, tuwing 6:00PM / St. Clement Parish Church
Rosario Cantada/Nobena Misa
Nov. 14-22, tuwing 7:00PM / St. Clement Parish Church
Nov. 16, Thursday, 8:00PM/ Patio ng Simbahan
Angono Talentado Talent Search
Nov. 18, Friday, 8:00PM / National Road
San Miguel Beer Concert
Nov. 18, Friday, 8:00PM / St. Clement Church
Pangalawang Prusisyon
Nov. 19, Saturday, 10:00AM / Municipal Compound
On-the-spot Body Painting Contest
Nov. 19, Saturday, 3:00PM / Municipal Compound
Parehadora Festival II
Nov. 19, Saturday, 6:00PM / Angono Municipal Gymnasium
Opening of the Angono Art Exhibit
Nov. 19, Saturday, 8:00PM / Biga Chapel Phase 1
Bihilya sa Santisimo Sacramento
Nov. 20, Sunday, 3:30AM / Biga Chapel Phase 1
Prusisyon ng Santisimo Sacramento
Nov. 20, Sunday, 3:00PM / Municipal Compound
Prusisyon ng Santisimo Sacramento
Nov. 20, Sunday, 8:00PM / Angono Municipal Gymnasium
Jamming Night “Agos” with Orville Tiamson
Nov. 21, Monday, 8:00PM / Municipal Compound
Rap n Roll Concert
Nov. 21-22, Mon-Tuesday, 8:00PM / Municipal Compound
Film Showing
Nov. 22, Tuesday, 8:00AM / Rainbow Village
Prisinta ng mga Banda
Nov. 22, Tuesday, 2:00PM / Patio ng Simbahan
Parada ng Bayan
Nov. 22, Tuesday, 8:00PM / Patio ng Simbahan
Pagpapalipad ng mga Lobo/Fireworks Display/ Balik-Banda
Nov. 23, Wednesday, 5:00AM / Patio ng Simbahan/Buong Bayan
Kapistahan ni San Clemente
Nov. 23, Wednesday, 6:00AM at 7:30AM / St. Clement Church
Misa Concelebrada
Nov. 25, Friday, 7:00PM / National Road
San Miguel Beer Concert
Nov. 26, Saturday, 8:00AM / Angono Municipal Gymnasium
Art Workshop ng Faber Castel
Nov. 26, Saturday, 10AM / National Road
Talk n Text AniberSAYA with Robin Padilla
Dec. 2, Friday, 7:00PM / Municipal Compound
Ms. Gay Angono Pre-Pageant Night
Dec. 3, Saturday, 7:00PM / Municipal Compound
Ms. Angono Photo Tourism Contest Awards Night
Dec. 9, Friday, 7:00PM / Municipal Compound
Ms. Gay Angono Coronation Night
Dec. 14, Wednesday, 3:00PM / Municipal Compound
Lantern Parade
Dec. 17, Saturday / Angono Municipal Compound
Todo-todong Gwapo (Awarding of Search for 2011 Mr. TODA ng Angono)
See you there…
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