Celebrate Christmas season with Project Dora. Join Project Sagada.

We want to ensure before the end of the year, you will be overwhelmed with natural attractions that will make your heart stops BEATING.

There will be various physical activities in store for you and this month, we will be able to catch the popular town’s unique festival with its annual bonfire festival, the visual feast and the festival of lights. Experience Sagada with Project Dora. Project Sagada will test your endurance as it takes approximately 12 hours of travel time by land just to get there.


Are you up for the challenge? The best physical activities and sights in Sagada involve a lot of hiking and trekking so you have to make sure you are prepared physically and mentally.

Sagada is located near the provincial capital of Bontoc which is about 275 km north of Manila. It is a long day of bus ride starting from the Dangwa bus station in Baguio over the narrow mountains traversing the cordillera region.


Cave connection may seem so easy but others may find it so hard to do. If spelunking and caving sound interesting to you then this adventure will complete your 2012 holiday getaway.

Sidetrip to Banaue Rice Terraces will also be part of the itinerary, this 2000 year old rice terraces were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by early ancestors of the indigenous people. It was formerly part of the Eight Wonder of the World.

Pongas Falls is one of the best attractions and the most favorite destinations in Sagada. Pongas Falls is composed of seven falls. But getting into this hidden treasure in Sagada is not as simple as you think.

Bomod-ok Falls is known as the Mighty Big Falls of the North. Enchanting and powerful… These are the words to describe the big Falls of Sagada. The big falls is also one of the favorite spots and attractions in the northern part of the country.

Experience Sagada Bonfire Festival. Prepare to dance to the loud music as the light glows in the middle of the place. A bonfire event happens only in Sagada once per calendar year. The only difference from your favorite club in the city is the dance step is native and the music is composed of a traditional instruments.

Most of the people would like to spend the holidays with their special someone. If you are single then you are considered member of the “Samahan ng malalamig ang pasko“. Trust me I have been single for a while now and I am seriously embracing it. In fact I am also part of the “Samahan ng mga Malalamig ang Pasko” so this trip will surely make the most memorable trip of your life. This will give you insight as to what the true meaning of SMP really is. Regardless  if your single or with special someone now or relationship status is complicated,  feel free to join us in our trip to Sagada.


Join us on December 28 – 30 in Project Sagada.

Inclusions: ALL IN!
Round Trip Van El Pueblo – Sagada
Two nights accommodation with free WiFi
4 meals (1 dinner buffet)
Pongas Falls
Bomod-ok Falls
Cave Connections
Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak, sunset at Lake Danum
Experience Sagada Bonfire Festival
Sidetrip to Banaue Rice TerracesPackage Rate: P4999 ONLY
SLOTS LIMITED.For interested participants, please register at:
http://www.projectdora.com/register-for-a-trip/How to join?

Contact 09063365870/09165513053 or myprojectdora@gmail.com for more details.

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