Are Souvenirs Worth It when Traveling?

Getting away from home and enjoying everything the world has to offer can be thrilling.  New sights, new people, and new experiences feel vivid and exciting at every turn.  Many people want to bottle this feeling up so that they can revisit it later, but it’s hard to do without traveling again.

travel souvenir

Instead, we turn to souvenirs.

These trinkets and fun gift shop toys can be great callbacks to trips if done correctly.  If handled poorly, though, some may realize that they wasted their money on garbage.  Are souvenirs even worth it?

Yes, In A Way!

In some ways, souvenirs are like time capsules that open right into memories of your vacation.  You might pick up a shell and think of your trip to Fiji, or look at your cute cowboy hat and remember that flight you took to look at Calgary homes for sale.  In this way, souvenirs are worth it.  They hold something unique that helps you unwrap a piece of your past.

They’re also excellent because they show the people around you thought of them while you were off in paradise.  This action is sweet and charming, and you can inspire them to travel more too.

Still, They’re Not Really…

There are a lot of factors that might make a souvenir not worth it.

Did you pack too much on the way to your vacation?  If so, you might not have room for souvenirs and may have to pay extra for more luggage.  Some people who know they’re going to buy a lot while they’re out of town will even bring a smaller suitcase or duffle bag within their luggage to fit everything they buy.  If you haven’t budgeted for it, though, a second bag can cost $65 to add to a ticket and can be worth a lot more than any trinkets you’ll buy.

Most of the time, souvenirs are things that only gather dust on your desk.  As uncomfortable as it is to admit, many souvenirs that people buy are just junk that nobody will use or want to look at for more than a couple of days.  This description could refer to shot glasses, shell decor, or other strange baubles that nobody needs.

Sometimes, photos and memories are enough.  Not every vacation needs a physical reminder of where you went and for how long.  Instead, you can frame some of the photos from your trip and make them into decor and decoration.

What Matters In The End

What matters the most about any trip is that you had a great time and came home healthy and happy.  If part of what makes you happy is bringing home souvenirs, then do it!  Even though it might seem like clutter, or it might add some weight to your luggage, if it’s what makes you happy, then buy it.  Of course, some people don’t find value in them, and that’s fine as well.  As long as you made incredible and fun memories during your vacation, it’s worth it.

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