Army Navy! I love your Burrito! Last week I got invited by for a food review. That was my very first eats a date event. I met the people behind the event including foodbloggers and openricers. Openrice is one of the online dining guides written and published by people who love to eat and share their experiences about the restaurant’s ambiance, service and food they serve.

Army Navy Crossroads

Army Navy Crossroads

Picture yourself inside  Army Navy.

Now, before we go on to the food review. I just want to thank Openrice people for inviting me.

I spent time trekking and exploring the islands of  Zambales last weekend with friends. When I got home I was craving for  a burger and burrito. Then I remember the foodtrip night which happened a couple of days ago.


I arrived before 6pm and I thought I was the blogger who came in first. Army Navy can be found at the Crossroads of Fort Bonifacio Global City . You will never be lost, it’s at the 32nd street Bonifacio Global City. They have a good location and their parking space is up for grabs.

Army Navy Crossroads

Now here’s what you have been waiting for. I ordered their chicken burritos. I am so glad it was recommended to me. I really like it because it was tasty. Mixture of chicken, spanish rice , beans and a lot more which is wrapped in a fine flour tortilla. It was a little spicy , I guess just to fill you up but it will never kill or damage your taste buds. I was not a huge fan of burritos but I guess not anymore. I have reasons to come back. Their burritos are delicious promise! I was surprised to know it was absolutely yummy! I was hoping to make one of these in the future . I might try to add japanese rice and add meat or beef. Whatever I like.

Army Navy Crossroads

To add spices to your burritos , try the Army Navy burger and burrito sauce. The red chili Rojo and Chili verde or the Green chili sauce.

I did not know how to eat Burrito . Never did I realize there are signs there as to how you can eat a Burrito. -Peel + squeeze+ eat+ repeat+ . It is very simple.

Now I am drooling just thinking of that night. Ang sarap ng Burrito!

Other delicious food on the menu is the Bully Boy Burger. A triple quarter pounder layered with beef patties complimented with tomatoes, onions and other secret ingredients. Eating something like this is so hard to resist. It is so good! Anyway Just try to eat in moderation – matakot sa high blood dulot ng cholesterol!

Army Navy Crossroads

Thanks to Army Navy Crossroads and Openrice for inviting me.



SERVICE- Excellent!

FOOD-  Delicious!

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