After seeing the bitukang manok,  or Eme Road, Zigzag Road which can be found in the middle of the Quezon National Park. Im now introducing you to one of the magnificent events i attended last year..
They call it Tagultol festival.

i LOVE their own version of higante festival

Philippines is celebrating many festivals all year round. And this time I will share you the wonderful event being celebrated in Atimonan Quezon. The Tagultol Festival is happening every first and second day of August,  it is celebrated usually with street parade which is i like the most ( i love the idea of jamming with street performers hihihi)  there are also numerous cultural programs all over the place. mass and procession as well. Theres also a fluvial parade  done in the afternoon normally on the 2nd day of fiesta. At night you will get to see bands, choral competition, singing and dancing (genuine talent of people from Atimonan) all in expression of gratitude towards the years bountiful catch . Tagultol festival started in year 2003, tagultol is an old fishing method used by atimonanins which is derived from the word ugtol which simply means bounce. It consists of a rectangular  stone tied at the end  of abaca strings dip in honey.=) calamansi  and other similar plants with a bait  tied 2 feet above the stone before dipping in the water and moved in a bouncing movement. The event showcases  both cultural and sports activities, talents and beauty contests  participated by community leadership and organizations and individuals  headed by the local government and people from Atimonan…

Just so you know…

People from Atimonan are called Atimonanins. The primary language is Tagalog, with many local phrases and expressions. Manilans usually understand Atimonan Tagalog, albeit with some frustrations. Many Atimonanins are part Chinese or Spanish. Some Atimonanins can also speak Bicolano, Lan-nang, or Spanish.
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