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After the whole day of a tiring city tour , I have gone ahead and spotted a  place where I can explore my cravings for desserts . I bet they have created their own masterpieces .

Thanks to LakadPilipinas. I have come across with his blog and featured Calea as the best place to hang out with family and /or friends. Calea is the place where you can  find the best and sweetest goodies in Bacolod City.   
calea cakes


calea cakes

 These sweetest treats will certainly bring your entire personality to your sweet tooth and make you feel you have found your way to the best dessert in town.
It was overwhelming at their shop along Lacson Street. I was there with newly found friends. We should be so lucky  because there were seats available for us. But generally, in most cases , the store is jam-packed with people at night , mostly young adults. 

We tried their best sellers  Blueberry Cheesecake, chocolate mousse, strawberry cheese cake.   Their cake is really good! Yummy na yummy talaga.

Their own version of cakes make a very impressive dessert. Their Blueberry Cheesecake is very rich . It’s definitely a sin! haha . My verdict? Their cakes are entirely devilishly yummy and so delicious.  I will try make one of these at home soon and I was hoping to develop my own.

Value for money- You will get more than what you pay for. The size is larger than Starbucks.  And I can say it is really heavy on my stomach. ( mabigat talaga sa tiyan) .
Just eat , savor it, then try it again and eat another one.

CALEA is at  the Ground Floor, Lourdes-C Bldg., 14th Lacson Street, Bacolod City 

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