Define Balikbayan- They are Filipinos who are permanently working and living outside of the Philippines. They may have acquired a foreign citizenship and permanent status overseas.
For some,  seeking a greener Pasteur would be one of the reasons Filipinos leave the country. 
But for many of our balikbayan out there. Are you really updated about PILIPINAS? I agree when people say anything that reminds them of the Philippines can bring so much joy and sweet nostalgia. 
Do you miss the thought of getting in and around a wonderful paradise like an unspoiled town with perfect white sandy beaches, breathtaking views? Do you miss on riding a boat , stairing at the sunset or finding peace as you pass by a very long powdery white sand in the Philippines? Do you ever think of a tropical climate all through out the year and explore the 7107 islands? Do you really miss it? I am sure you are.
Philippines, the country composes of 7107 islands with captivating sceneries and rich and exotic wild life. I bet you really miss the simplicity of Pinoy living and  Lifestyle . Picture yourself in some of the little tiangge or bazaar shops in the Philippines. How could you not miss the food, specially this holiday season. Could you name some of the pinoy food you miss ? Do you miss Adobo? sinigang? lechon? Puto bumbong? bibingka? Puto? Simbang gabi? You really can’t let go of these things. 
This holiday season , rediscover your past , your roots ,  the people you love the most , enjoy and relish the memorable and unforgettable moments in our very own home. 
To all our Balikbayan, experience the warm welcome upon arrival.  Enjoy and celebrate your holiday courtesy of Pinoy Homecoming Program and its exclusive DOT partners.  
Enjoy these perks:
special incentives
bonus programs
and discounts
Malacanang Palace declares the years 2011 to 2016 as the Pinoy Homecoming Years!
The Pinoy Homecoming Program is becoming bigger and stronger with its theme – Return to Paradise. The program specifically aims to re-establish the Philippines that brings in sweet memories and origin . This is open to all overseas Filipinos and their loved ones to visit , explore and rediscover  our own paradise. 
I am so excited about this program as it addresses so many interests  and convinces everyone that Philippines is very unique and that we have so many reasons to return to the Philippine Islands.
Come to the Philippines with various themes
January- Revel in Paradise
February-Arts Paradise
March- Nature Paradise
April- Heritage Paradise
May-Fiesta Paradise
June-Historical Paradise
July- Savour Kulinarya Paradise
August- Exotic Paradise “colors of Mindanao”
September- Adventure Paradise
October-Wellness paradise
November- Shopping Paradise
December – Christmas Paradise
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