Before you reach Blue Lagoon Cove, you will pass by the Bantay Abot Cave. The cave has a door like opening at the middle mountain. Getting inside the cave is a great experience its like you are listening to the waves as it splashes into the walls of  the big rocks of the mountain.

According to our tour guide when you say Abot it is actually a hole in Ilocano dialect. The view is excellent. The shore has its mixture of shells and rocks that can be made as a decoration or souvenir. There are several rock formations all over the area where you can sit and relax . Of course , I never wasted time taking pictures.

This sea mountain with a hole is naturally sculpted by waves  until it was damaged by an earthquake in 1980’s . If you want to meditate and relax, visit the place and I am sure getting close to the see is one way to get away with your stress… 

Its also a great spot for photo shoots….

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