If you love traveling, you know that you will stay at a hotel and should follow hotel etiquettes as a guest so that you do not annoy anyone.

However, if you are traveling solo for the first time, here are some suggestions that will help you be a good hotel guest.

Asking everyone to do everything

Well, there are different departments in every management. So, don’t assume that the staff member who just crossed by you knows and does everything in the hotel.

For example, if you ask the waiter to clean your room properly, you will probably annoy them. Yes, if you ask them for the room service number or a related question, they might be in a position to answer your question with a genuine smile on their face.

Be polite

Yes, you are on a holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget everything, including good manners. If you are rude to the staff members, you will never be in a position to enjoy your travel. On the other hand, if you are polite, they will help you even when you ask them repeatedly.

Keep a check on your requests

If you make ridiculous requests, you will be disappointed and, at the same time, you will annoy the staff. So, before making a request, be sure that your request is logical and possible.


You have seen such cases around you. If not, you might be one of them.

Over-exaggerating is an issue because there are people who love irritating other people. For example, if the TV remote batteries are dead, you can simply ask for a replacement, but there are people who will shout out loud and let the world know that their TV remote batteries are dead. They further go on to say that the hotel management is so poor that they cannot even arrange for a replacement.

Don’t do that. You will only depress yourself even on a vacation.


You should not roam around the hotel in your innerwear. In some places, hotel management even requests their guests to wear clothes that cover them from top to bottom.

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Being good hotel guest


We are not talking about physically threatening the staff member to kill them if they do not get you your morning tea on time, but hotel guests often threaten staff members by telling them that they will leave a bad review on Yelp and other hotel review sites.

Frankly, most of the staff members do not care for it. So, don’t use this trick because it will not help you.

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