Never leave the country’s capital of bottled sardines without tasting the local and traditional Filipino treats during summer. The season of summer may have been over but I think it’s not to late to share with you the ways to cool down your hot afternoon.

the best halo halo in dipolog

Another popular halo halo stall in Dipolog is Julies Halo halo ( mix and mix) which has been around in the city of Dipolog since 1956. It’s formerly called Lennies. This traditional Filipino dessert consists of a mixture of fruits, evaporated milk, sweet palm fruit, macapuno, banana , coconut gelatin, dried rice and topped with shaved ice and a scoop of ice cream .

the best halo halo in dipolog

We finally found our favorite Halo halo in town. One of the coolest and the best hangout places when you’re around central Dipolog. This may not be the best halo halo in the Philippine Islands but I can  tell you  that  their own version of halo halo  stands out from the rest.

the best halo halo in dipolog

I bet once you get there,  you’ll get full and thirst-quenched at the same time after dropping by Julies Halo halo. You can also try other filipino delicacies like kutsinta , torta , banana cakes and a lot more.

I still have so many things to share so please stay tuned and look out for more updates of my Zanorte series .

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