I am so excited to hear from Ivan Brinas Cultura, a young historian for all seasons. He is certainly a young man of history. This aspiring biologist loves traveling and proud Filipino who wants to promote Philippine Tourism. He is the blogger behind Batang Lakwatsero.

Tell us something about your travel blog

My travel blog is my travel journal. It is where I share all my travel experiences, both the great ones and the misadventures. My main goal is to inspire others to travel especially the young bloods who have not yet bitten by travel bug. I also share in my blog some travel tips that could somehow help my readers during their travels.


Three favorite travel blogs you visit

I do love reading the travel blogs of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers, but for me, the following are the finest of them all:
Lakad Pilipinas ( – Lakad Pilipinas is my top favorite travel blog. Christian’s blog is a total package; it has eye-poppin’ photos, it is fully loaded with information, and the contents are simply great.
Traveler on Foot ( – I am a fan of this blog ever since I learned to surf the internet. All of its articles are worth reading. I learned to love more the heritage of my country especially its capital city.
Dialogue with a Wanderer ( – A blog with the finest words. I find Kuya Leo’s style of writing the most excellent among the Filipino travel blogs.

What is the best thing about blogging?

The fact that you were able to help your readers with their queries even if it is not related to traveling is for me the best thing about blogging. The knowledge that I shared online is priceless.

The worst thing about blogging

You cannot please everybody, there are still haters lurking around somewhere.

Where do you get your inspiration for your blog?

Before I started blogging, I was just a constant reader of travel blogs particularly the blogs ThePinaySoloBackpacker,, and No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin. These blog inspired me to set up my own. But as of now, it is from my readers where I’m getting my fuel to blog more.

Tips you can share for aspiring travel bloggers

Learn to love traveling before you start your own travel blog. Once you become a seasoned traveler, you can now share your priceless travel experiences online through a blog. Then, poof, you’re now a travel blogger buddy.

Thanks so much Ivan! Get acquainted and follow his journey at  Batang Lakwatsero.

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