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Hello everyone!

I have been quite loaded with backlogs with my previous trips lately simply because  maybe I was just very busy at work that I had to bum around or maybe I was just really tired of blogging. 

But you know what. That is going to change really soon. I am more organized now . I have a great broadband connection. And I feel so excited about that. I received a couple of post cards from friends . I have spotted a new beach in the country to visit. I received a couple of sponsorships . I have pending trips this month . Followed by 7 more provincial trips before this year ends. How exciting isn’t it?

Again thanks everyone for reading this blog. Honestly,  I was really honored and happy that one of the reasons people like about my blog is the travel structure or angle and my never-ending passion for traveling. I am really thrilled to live up to my dreams slowly but surely  and to  inspire people somehow.

Anyway, I was writing about the joy of traveling recently . I asked some people about their traveling experiences and I am very glad to receive an overwhelming feedback.

Generally for some people traveling is a passion. And for the others, it’s a need. It is a need to explore possibilities out of traveling. Some unexpected and unbelievable things that defy CHALLENGE. We grow as we discover new things and we get to understand ourselves and other people . 

Everyday we encounter a certain individual who have attained or accomplished something. Their real-life tales including their passion and travel journey help us understand that everyone is unique and different in a positive way. 

I am excited to introduce  Jaypee David of

Why do you love to travel? 

I discovered my passion for traveling when I started to engage in photography. As a newbie in composing photos, I make sure that I practice a lot and venture into different kinds of subjects and perspectives thus I travel whenever I can. But also, aside from my photography hobby, one major influence of my travels is my love for our country. I have always dreamed of becoming a tourism ambassador. So now, I grab every chance that I can to promote and brag about the beautiful and undiscovered Philippines.

What’s your top 3 Philippine destinations?

My top 3 Philippine destinations (well, places I’ve been to so far) are:

1. Boracay

2. Sagada

3. Cebu

Next on my list (to-visit):

1. Palawan

2. Camarines Sur and  Sorsogon

3. Tawi Tawi


What’s in your travel bag?

Since I’m not really the hiker/mountaineer type of traveler, I don’t bring much things with me.  Just the basic ones like:

1. Camera. Well as a photography enthusiast, this is one of the most important gadgets I should never forget. For me, traveling will never be as fun unless I share my experiences with other people.

2. A lot of clothes. But please, pack light as much as possible for your own convenience. T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops are ideal. Rain gears and warmers if necessary.

3. Pocket wi-fi! Whenever I leave the house, I always have internet connection with me so I can instantly share my travel experiences. I tweet a lot.

4. My toiletry kit or what my friends call as “Kikay” kit. I have here all the stuff that I need for my personal needs- toothbrush, sanitizer, tissue, mouthwash, floss, perfume and more!

Tell us about your memorable trip?

One of my most memorable trips I’ve ever had would be when we explored the beautiful caves in Sagada. It was my first spelunking experience and I will never forget all those beautiful rock formations artfully sculpted though hundreds and thousands of years. And oh, the water is freezing cold!

Whats your pasalubong list?

Of course for every province/destination, they always have unique and different things to showcase, so I make sure I bring home the pride of the province when I go back home. It’s like bringing a piece of their culture with me.

Talking about promoting Philippines

Obviously, my blog is my main tool to promote our country. I blog everything; from my memorable travel experiences to the best places to eat, hang-out or spend quality time. My travelogue is more of a photo gallery with stories behind. When I go to places, I make sure I get a digital souvenir of it. And aside from my travel blog, I am also an avid user of the most popular micro-blogging sites today like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Foursquare. Having these social media tools makes it so easy for everyone to influence others.

Travel advice you want to share to everyone

Travel while you can. Travel now! Go to places while you’re still young so that when the time comes that you’re out there in the garden sitting on your rocking chair, you’d be proud of yourself that you’ve made the most out of it. Do at least two things a day, everyday: things that you dream about and things that scare you.

The Philippines has a lot to offer and part of it is still undiscovered.

Please be on the look out for the  next installment of Blogger interviews.


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