Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort’s Best Kept Secrets

Trust me I never believed in love at first sight until we met. Now my feelings are no longer a secret.

Through the years, I have visited hundreds of places and destinations choosing only those that are truly standing out and making me feel very special. The first time I met you I felt totally at home. I must have felt so good to be there.

Bluewater Resorts Panglao is associated with a nature quality. Well, that attraction will be extending itself to mean the luxurious hotel in the city of Panglao, Bohol.



If we go by what Bluewater Panglao Resort Division Manager Leo P. Go, the hotel wants to consider what Bohol is really all about: nature and embracing the charm of island living. What I personally love about the resort is their signature hanging beds perfectly combined with the amazing shower and bathtub.


We got a poolside room and the main attraction was the pool which always invites us to take a plunge everytime we have a glimpse on it from our room. I found the swimming pool fascinating and when I think of the metaphor of comparing it to the human body, and the human spirit, I loved it even more. I’m including a few pictures of what it looks like at night, well worth watching.

Mr. Go relates that the entire hotel itself has become instantly attracting travelers both near and outside of the Bohol province. To this day, he is amused and encouraged by the way things turned out.


Bluewater Panglao is a representation for the future, boasting a luxurious escape that recognizes Bohol’s trademark and natural beauty. Located in an island with white sand beaches, pristine waters and rich marine diversity, the Pinoy architecture and its design round off Bohol’s unique culture, warmth and eco-tourism initiatives.

Bluewater Panglao

One cannot miss the two free form lagoon shaped swimming pools. The pool shows off an entirely new personality at night. The other Pool Bar is sitting right infront of Aplaya Restaurant serving both International and authentic local cuisines that features extraordinary flavors made with fresh local products.



The Aplaya Restaurant is the main venue for cocktails or a relaxing gathering. To complete the experience, one must select variety of beverages, cocktails, and liquors.

Meanwhile, there are 54 rooms ( 23 Deluxe Poolside, 23 Deluxe Poolview, 4 Family Lofts, 3 Honeymoon Villas and 1 Family Pool Villa). The rest of the room types come with hot and cold shower, television sets, and coffee- and tea-making facilities, among others.

“While Bluewater Panglao Resort is enough reason for guests to stay in, we also encourage them to appreciate the natural beauty of Bohol as well. Should guests choose, we can arrange special activities for them, such as island-hopping and other tourist destinations,” he adds. Leisure and other recreation activities include: Diving, snorkeling, glass boat cruising, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, catamaran ride, island hopping, wind-surfing, and other in-house activities for adults and kids.


Themed dinners, fishing and boat tours, cycling around Panglao Island, Dolphin and Whale watching, country side tours, Loboc River cruise, firefly watching and other fun-filled activities can be arranged.



Bluewater Panglao Resort is a luxurious hotel committed to the best local cuisine, a romantic charming hotel placed within spectacular landscape. If you’re looking for that special place – you will find it here.

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort offers the best of Filipino hospitality and global competitiveness extending the warmth and dedication of their staff matched by their expertise in the field of guest service satisfaction. We have experienced all these things first-hand, and are happy to share that Bluewater Panglao Resort promises to be the paradise in Bohol one is dreaming of. Hush! That’s their best kept secret.

Danao, Panglao Island
Bohol, Philippines 6340

Phone: (63 38) 416 0695 or 416 0696
Fax: (63 38) 416 0697

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