A recent record from the Department of Tourism Region VI revealed that projected 2013 arrivals in Boracay island Philippines are about to be reached, with turnouts until end of August this year registering 987,241 combined local and foreign visitors. This active tourist arrival figure indicates only one thing: Boracay still has its magic as a top holiday destination around the globe. Below are grounded details on how the esteemed island grabs the attention of travelers year on year.


Competitive physical beauty

Powdery white sand—the memory of this iconic quality is what first-time and returning visitors take home with them. Although not one of the longest beaches in the world,  Boracay’s geography—specifically being surrounded by windy and wavy waters—simply gives an idea of coming to a secluded island away from the modern world. The famous White Beach offers a captivating view of the clear, blue ocean extending to the vastness of the Atlantic; on the opposite side are cliffs and raging waters serving as ingredients to the surfing and cliff-dive action.

At the center of the island is the humble Mount Luho, as if purposely placed there to provide tourists with a panoramic view of the paradise. Boracay is also far from being fully commercialized; laidback visitors could in fact opt to pick shells at Puka Beach where tourists are fewer. The island makes every type of visitor welcome: thrill-seekers are served with several water sports and outlets for socialization, while soul-searchers are pampered with the refreshing wind, gently lapping waves, and secluded parts of the island.

Accommodating culture

The local government aims to add billions to the national income by transforming the island into a more favorable destination for all tourists. Boracay has already captured the taste of the Chinese, being able to become their 16th most favorite tourist spot according to TripAdvisor. The Chinese also comprised the biggest number of overseas visitors by end of August 2013, hitting 138,440 in total.

Boracay receiving thousands of visitors from all continents is a proof of its charm. There are friendly locals willing to assist; accommodations are affordable and varied; and hang-out centers offer some great perks from around the globe. Add to these the characteristic nightlife perfect for making new friends, and after such one great night follows a beautiful sunrise one could rarely witness. Boracay paradise has thrived for people who want to get away from it all.

Affordable quality relaxation

Westerners love going to  Boracay not only for a great holiday, but also for value for money. Euros and dollars can buy more because of the lower currency of the country, and this equates to more fun and more comfort. Budget and luxury travelers can both enjoy Boracay, for there are villas, resorts, hotels, and rooms to book. A hotel in Boracay can also bring the vibrant partying within its grounds in specific days. For groups, any Boracay beach resorts provides the basic tropical island feel that is not short on extras.

Exciting activities and memorable experiences

All elements of nature make Boracay an exciting getaway. At night, balls of dazzling fire swirl around poi dancers at the shores near bars and restaurants. The land accommodates walking, biking, hiking, and ATV-riding. Behind White Beach lies Bulabog Beach where strong winds delight kite boarders and windsurfers. And to complete the round, there are 25 dive sites around the island, with cliff diving available to add height to the excitement.

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