After a series of roro and bus rides and  at last we arrived at the Philippines paradise called Boracay.We still have a couple of more days to travel to Dipolog City.

The bad weather was seriously haunting us for days but that’s something we did not have any control of. We rented the cheapest accommodation for as low as Php200 per person which I will blog about it really soon. A dorm type of room which to me frankly is just a place to sleep in. But not all want to sleep when the beach beckons and the splash of waves lures you out of the dreamland. We checked out the place and it basically looked like almost the same resort in the Philippines. But the promise of the sea and romance will never fail to amaze me. Finding an ideal romantic getaway is not hard when Boracay is around. Go right ahead and meet the love of your life and have a private moments with that special someone.  The location is somewhat appealing is because the locals and authorities I think have set limit for the height of the establishments. No highrise buildings whatsoever.

Whatever you feel, the coolest sound of waves, the distant sound of music and the inviting glow of sun will surely make everyone into a romantic mood. You can always find ways to enjoy your Boracay holiday.
Food is also remarkable. I had a great time and it was fun. All the resorts on the beach have their own tables and chairs set up. You can stroll around as the sun sets and rises the next morning.

The preparation of a meal is something I look forward to always. I enjoy seeing the iconic method of preparing and cooking of barbecues. I can imagine the charcoal burning and glowing. In the Island of Boracay, you will get the opportunity to come across with a restaurant along the White Beach that caters to such an iconic food delights for every season.Take note that the fulfillment of eating outdoors is a must experience when you are in Boracay.

The selection of various restaurants can be found here. Be acquainted and overwhelmed with the food they showcase. Forget soda and pick the tropical fruit drinks instead.


Meanwhile here are some of the suggested bars and restaurants in Boracay:

Beach hut bar- located at Station 1 near Starbucks

Cook Korean cuisine- an authentic Korean food.

Jammers- World class burgers and fries, sandwiches, shakes and a lot more.

Hama Japanese cuisine- an authentic Japanese restaurant in Boracay.

Cyma- Greek restaurant with with simply sensational salads and authentic tastes. It is located on ulabog beach just between Sagin and Levantin.

Ole- Spanish Tapas Bar and restaurant. It is located at D’Mall Plaza

Aria- they serve the finest woodfire oven baked pizza and is located just in front of D’Mall.

Bite Club- one of the most popular burgers in Boracay.

Boracay Crab house- The first and the only crab house in Boracay. It is located in station 1 of Boracay Island.

Sulu Plaza- Get acquainted with the genuine flavors of Thailand. Indulge yourself with savory Thai Cuisine. Located in station 3.


I also have a clear understanding that Boracay offers package tours  for both frugal travelers and those who can afford the upscale establishments. The location of the white Beach is accessible via speedboats, private helicopters and the lodging options are up for grabs.

Surely, after spending a couple of days at the White Beach, I felt it’s time to move on and head towards our next destination.

I will surely miss taking a long walks on a white sand beach and re-explore the rest of the islands treasures.

Find cheap accommodation and a perfect place to stay in Boracay. Locations are up for grabs and at reasonable prices. Give yourself a unique travel experience and an opportunity to explore your destination. Wimdu gives you the chance to live like a local and feel the city the way the locals see it.

Boracay Beach
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

How to get to Boracay: By Plane, through Caticlan
Airport or Kalibo Airport via all major airlines. By Ferry, through Batangas Port via 2Go Shipping Line.

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