Another year has come to an end. And I can’t believe I survived in 2012. Looking at things in a wider and positive perspective,  I personally believe I can and will definitely survive for the year 2013.

Every year I make sure I have a planner. In that way I keep track all my appointments, dates and other activities. Let’s just put it this way, we all want to simplify things. With that being said, planner nowadays serves as a journal or diary of some sort added with personal touch each time we write things on every page.

So before the year 2012 ends, make sure you grab one of the beautiful planners for 2013.

Bo’s Coffee introduces “The Coffee Book 2013” themed Philippine Coffee, travel and culture. It’s very interesting to learn that Bo’s coffee is all about Philippine Coffee. I just recently found out that the Philippines is on the list of the  top coffee producers in the world. You will even prouder to be Pinoy because Bo’s coffee is a 100% Filipino owned corporation and supports the local coffee industry.

I can perfectly understand now how Bo’s Coffee Book 2013 was able to convey the message to the Filipino people how important it is to share the value of the Philippine coffee industry, Philippine travels, tradition and culture. Yes, I agree with Bo’s Coffee that Philippines has a lot of amazing things to offer to everyone. “It’s really more fun in the Philippines” Agree?

I am sharing it with you folks “The Coffee Book 2013”.

*Pages of the planner consist of stories and fast facts about Philippine Coffee.
*Artistic paper style.
*Discounted coupons and freebies.

Go right ahead and grab a copy of the limited Edition Coffee Book!


My new Bo’s Coffee Book reached the summit of Mount Pulag.

It’s very easy. All you have to do is to purchase worth Php200 and that entitles you to one coffee card and/or one sticker. You can collect 14 stickers until January 31, 2013 a redeem your limited edition Coffee Book until March 31, 2013!

Give yourself something which you can keep for the whole year and even after the year is over. This amazing planner is a great gift for friends, family and loved ones. I bet you will also like the featured artworks, photos and some interesting facts about the Philippines and Pinoy coffee.

Full disclosure: I personally want to thank  Bo’s Coffee Glorietta 5 branch for my new Coffee Book planner 2013 and for introducing the  Toffee Nut Froccino Primo with a yummy mix of caramelized nuts and some chocolate bits plus the blueberry cheesecake.

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