Majority of the Filipinos are so in love with souvenir items. Simple things like  key chains, shirts, candies and a lot more  can sometimes  bring happiness.  Every day we can be joyful with simple gifts which we treasure. And it’s what brings us the greatest happiness. In fact, I even asked  some of the Filipino Travel bloggers what their Pasalubong lists are. Read the Souvenir list of the modern day travelers. I think buying Pasalubong is a genuine Filipino custom. Admit it, most of us buy and bring a gift for everyone else in your family, in school or in your office. It is very common for us Filipinos to buy a little something from our  trip. Even if sometimes we are low on travel funds, we are not leaving empty-handed that is for sure.


Last December, I traveled alone to find my lost soul and  explore some of the best attractions in the beautiful city of Bacolod prior to meeting some friends in Cebu. Choosing a souvenir item has never been hard for me because I know there are various gifts I can buy at a reasonable price  from different destinations.

I really love specialty food and local delicacies so I tried some of the delicious food products in town. I encountered many local delicacy shops while I was in Bacolod including my quest for Bacolod’s Mang Inasal. I tried various food items including street foods. I am not terribly picky anyway so I made the most of my Bacolod trip.

Specialty food and delicacies


Butterscotch with nuts

I fell in love with Butterscotch of Bacolod City. The butterscotch with nuts is a bite-sized, chewy butter mix that is superb for dessert or snack time. I did not know that it is way too simple to make. It has such a delectable flavor and texture in every bite. This delicacy is similar to toffee, a confection made by molasses and caramelizing sugar.


It is a baked bread covered or topped with butter and sugar added with garlic in some cases. This is an Ilonggo delicacy topped with specially spread or specially sprinkled with sugar. There is nothing better than a perfect biscocho in my bed!


This is also one of my personal favorites. I got my very first taste of this Bacolod delicacy when I was younger at the age of 6 when our family was traveling back and forth from Manila-Bacolod. It was love at first sight. At that time they only had one flavor. Today, you have various flavors to choose from. Piaya is flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado sugar. After every bite, you will surely be hooked too. I like the crisp outer layer of the bread and also the soft sweet sugar filling which is perfect partner for your black or brewed coffee.



Ilonggo is particularly known for Barquillos. Barquillos is best paired with an ice cream of your choice. Originally, this thin rolled cookies is originated from Spanish origin. This is made from flour, sugar and milk then shaped into a tube.
So before you leave, bring a little something from Bacolod to your friends and relatives. If ever you visit Bacolod, these are just some of the local delicacies and souvenir items I seriously fell in love with. If you are hunting for a  good food and value money then I strongly encourage you to taste the sweetest treats of Bacolod. Oh, not to mention Calea Cakes along Lacson Street. Don’t worry, I did not overspend during my trip. Some of these items were fairly inexpensive. And aside from that I am more concerned about my baggage allowance because I usually pack more clothes. Bacolod is a wonderful city where food and local delicacies will not always be forgotten.

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